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  1. thanks bot debug/client debug from now on rather than just complaining and saying it doesnt work =P
  2. [11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.c.b.a.t.C(Fighting.java:67)[11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.main.CombatAIO.C(CombatAIO.java:363)[11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.main.CombatAIO.run(CombatAIO.java:140)[11:40:21] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[11:40:21] java.lang.NullPointerException[11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.types.enums.Prayer$Prayers.d(Prayer.java:75)[11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.c.b.y.G(CombatMethods.java:243)[11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.c.b.a.t.H(Fighting.java:33)[11:40:21] at scripts.wCombatAIO.c.b.a.t.C(Fighting.java:67) and it repeats that every second, and wont stop thats the bot debug, was looking at the client debug so i saw nothing but this [11:38:53] Starting client.[11:39:32] Downloading script 'wCombat AIO Premium'.[11:39:35] Script Started: wCombat AIO Premium.[11:39:37] Bot Started[11:39:47] Uploading Statistics
  3. its not working for me either and i use it everyday it just says script started
  4. was this because of a recent update jagex created for anti-botting? and maybe detect when it says "you have been poisoned"? idk anything about detection though just suggesting because i died from poison losing 5m
  5. Version 2.0 coming soon? i remember about a month ago you said it would be ready about now
  6. trying to not spend too much on magic to 94 or 99 w/e, maple longbows for example i spend about 100gp+ per cast
  7. most of what ive seen i lose like 100gp per cast, ouch... maple longs for example
  8. this feature is in the tri range and magic premium script
  9. When i'm botting and using a safe spot the random solver tries to solve the genie experience lamp while i'm getting attacked outside of the safe spot and doesn't go back to the safe spot, idk if there's a way to prioritize this? iv'e died 2 times but ring of life saved me thank god! lol
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