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  1. http://gyazo.com/808c7c62c7dfcd1333471d235b93244a going to restart since reading update ill let you know if plate issue happens any more
  2. would it be easier to make option to input helm,body and leg ids we are using and have bot equip those ids if they are in invent at all? still cant get it to repeat bug and iv spent last hour wasting food to make it bank more often but it still hasnt done it again while im watching
  3. meauxxxx, always use shop bought food it is ALOT cheaper, 2x att,str,def potions and iinvent of food = 1.5k gp roughly. karlrais i have been trying to get vid but ofcourse it doesnt happen when im at pc but it did over night i will keep trying to replicate it once i get a hour or 2 to sit playing with it
  4. it went to bank, between looting last lot of tokens and walking to bank it equips mith plate, both times iv missed it equip it but seen it at bank deposit plates i was training with and as iv only got mith plate im using to gain tokens it cant see any and ends script ill keep an eye on it and see if i can grab a small vid of it
  5. couple of problems in the short time i have run this, twice it has equiped mith plate while going to bank, deposited plate i was wearing then script stops. 2nd problem is it gets stuck trying to loot items if they are close to walls and camera angle is wrong, watched it wait till item had disappeared before continuing.
  6. Either over skype/teamtalk or in person if you're near the Manchester area, England. Add my skype to chat or message me on here thankyou, will discuss price. Skype - Carl.Waddock1
  7. script is running fine for me shame about my choice of items so far not having great results but hopefully ill find 1 which works for me soon lol ill go for a good proggy aswell when i find said item.
  8. With logic can you get it to turn prayer on for a few tiles then off again? havnt played around with it yet as iv been using b2p or manually banking due to needing prayer on for a few tiles. TIA
  9. thanks for script and great idea about 1hr limit hopefully its something other scripters will start using to
  10. does this work in multi combat areas? (dont want it to attack 2 monsters at same time)
  11. thanks and my acc is there atm so once you upload update ill let you know how it goes to save you messing around getting account there? would let you use pass but its acc im borrowing so really cant
  12. would be great if you added the reds in brimhaven, no chance of getting pked and with house tab to brim the banking should really quick?
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