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  1. Looking for reliable powerlevelers/questers that can make multiple accounts at a time and can do various skills/quests (not like rc or agility unless you like doing those skills) pm me with youre skype or discord if youre interested in making a bunch of accounts for me have 300+ feedback offsite
  2. hit me up with a pm ill keep this up until i have them all
  3. paying osrs or paypal pm me with your price if the post is still up i should still be buying
  4. resellers are offering 1.1/m right now why would someone sell to you for the same rate + the risk? arent you kind of dreaming?
  5. believe its 5mins if youre idle and 20mins if youre in combat
  6. would be awesome if we were able to quickstart tribot with a .bat file @Usa
  7. lol?....not sure if youre srs
  8. why is rs3 left in the repo?
  9. Pm me if youre able to make me some i have accounts that i can make member for testing -have someone for the simple 1s but still need someone for the more complex
  10. Sorry for posting just figured id add a couple screenshots hes also banned on osb showing same skype
  11. ive had this issue too even tried allocating 2gb ram just for the hell of it but the bot always seems to crash 750-800mb anyway (recently started happening)
  12. the downs is strong with this one
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