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Walking Dead

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  1. Walking Dead

    Guthans AFK bot

    believe its 5mins if youre idle and 20mins if youre in combat
  2. Walking Dead

    Starting Bots via command line

    would be awesome if we were able to quickstart tribot with a .bat file @Usa
  3. Walking Dead

    RS3 Client Not working?

    why is rs3 left in the repo?
  4. Walking Dead

    Requesting Multiple Private Scripts

    Pm me if youre able to make me some i have accounts that i can make member for testing -have someone for the simple 1s but still need someone for the more complex
  5. Walking Dead

    OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    ive had this issue too even tried allocating 2gb ram just for the hell of it but the bot always seems to crash 750-800mb anyway (recently started happening)
  6. bot gets stuck at the bank right clicks looting bag over and over and dosent even put loot in the bag and yes the use looting bag feature is on
  7. doesnt click play on the login screen and only right clicks rocks after todays update
  8. i have 2 accs i could test this on
  9. Walking Dead

    Best script to get permed?

    inb4 spastics dont know he scammed me for 50m
  10. Walking Dead

    Best script to get permed?

    Usually it's the other way around but I need something done.