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Everything posted by botas1

  1. botas1

    I just got a 14days ban? wut

    today i get 4ban on rcer and was high rc... 75,71,88,85....
  2. I am rcer botter never was get 91rc , getting bans i was best 89rc botting laws method but get ban and last time 88rc nats get bans :DD.... Now have one account 84rc .... Best ever my progress
  3. is fucking broken script and rise price! was 10$ lifetime 3acc, now 15$ / month 1 account , And script is shit
  4. botas1

    Nature rune slaves/master

    very high
  5. Why stamina pots one dose drink and banking? When empty 3dose pots and bots dont drink 2dose pots....
  6. botas1

    New Repository Payment Methods

    why i cant pay for stripe
  7. http://gyazo.com/75a8a8530a4c114b7454d5538f9b75b0 http://gyazo.com/53ca9f5c2696f09caff11863f1842d2a