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  1. Perfect example of a person who should not be pking. You want it to eat for you to? And run away as well as click pots? Kid wants a panic TELE. Alot of kids compensating for lack of skill . What can I say, i'm 25 now my reactions aren't as fast as you schoolies. Lol.
  2. Hotkey for prayer switches probably most useful
  3. If you really want to make a useful tool - AutoSwitcher for rapid bridding, hotkeys for prayer, hotkey for panic tele, would require gear in the right slots etc but may make up for the latent tick - idk.
  4. It's still coming out, I think they underestimated how much work it would be. Not a scam. I do however that think part of the new tribot premium script regulations should prohibit pre-orders [if it doesn't already] saves the users a lot of hassle and risk, and saves devs the headache of having to estimate project timelines they can't meet.
  5. This is a development thread for script updates, not a pre-order thread. Do you see any payment links, price details or solicitation of any kind? Down boy
  6. He's doing all the rooms. He's releasing rooms every couple of days over the next week or so he said. so you should get the script while it's a little cheaper I know he said that, and he seems cool, but this forum is more than full of scripters who haven't made good on their plans. I'm happy paying a bit more for a verified quality script later :-)
  7. Looks good man, hope the project continues - I dont need an enchanter as i've maxed pizazz points but if you do the other rooms i'll be interested
  8. If you buy the cheapest one you get all of them eventually...
  9. Anybody fancy having a bash at a quick script that softens clay in the lumby basement? I don't think it'd take too long - can only imagine four states? Bank withdaw > Filling buckets > Softening clay > Out of clay - Right? Clay is currently around 190, and soft clay around 390 - So it's 200 profit on every clay right now. Be an easy money maker for accounts without stats, drawing some of the bots away from snape spawns and plank runs - and may help the price of soft clay from rising so high so that we can make our teletabs with ease Just an idea! <3
  10. I recommend doing ::hideroof while running this, will help just a bitPost bugs if you find any. A bug IS NOT that it doesn't complete a random event or whatever, that's the bot's job. Also don't post that it takes too long to find the pure essence, that's the API :/ I did my best Instead of just leeching the script, try to remember that a simple thanks goes a long way. This had 10,000 users on wBot and 50 users max thanked me. Post proggies too! I'll put the best proggies in the OP. If you'd like to make a small donation either via PayPal or RSGP, send me a PM. If you want to request a new feature or new script either post here or PM me. Some proggies:
  11. This looks rather good, but for a paid script i'd really like range support... A loop that checks during each banking state whether or not equipped bolts number less than 40, and if so withdraws the appropriate amount and equips them. To save you having to equip 3k mith bolts overnight and losing them all to a pker... I'd pay $15 for a script that did that flawlessly... Maybe more...
  12. Thank you for sharing this script, it's really working well so far - only have a 30 min prog but can't see any reasons why it wouldn't run indefinately. I'll post any bugs for you. Edit: 100k an hhour at low theiving levels for those curious, ran for an hour and added up the seeds and got just over 100k in sellable seeds.
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