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  1. just sign up here and you will have a brand new lvl 3.
  2. Welcome back Texan! Hope this issue gets solved and you can start things up again! Cheers
  3. As title says.. Premium Tutorial Island bot with account creation and consistant support. Can’t seem to find a working one on Tribot (please post if you have). Gz
  4. Dear scripters, Is there any good discord (or other centralised community) dedicated to scripting? (Other than forums ofcourse) I' am looking for tribot scripters eager to learn and help each other out. Grtz
  5. There is no failsafe when script is trying to hop and level up screen is up.
  6. Debian Jessie doens't work anymore! Ubuntu still works
  7. Sent you private message with bot debug, sorry for bad info.
  8. Woke up this morning to a stopped script. When I logged in the script moved 40 tiles south west. Just now checked the bot again (approx 8h later) and it did exactly the same thing!! Same plac same tree, worked flawless before update?
  9. Doesn’t detect trees after today’s update..is it just me or should I redo something? edit: client problems..
  10. Exactly, works perfect for Debian Jessie! Thanks so much, pleaaaase keep it up to date
  11. @Einstein, or anyone having the script, does this script support costum tree locations? Edit: nvm.., it does! Says so in first post! My bad xd
  12. Looking for a scripter that can make a private script. Method involves a simple click action, inventory area, but needs to have fast (instant) worldhopping! pm if interested in some quick cash!
  13. Grats on release! I was wondering if this bot supports worldhopping and if so is there a way to adjust logout/response time. E.g.: loging out for pkers when alching in wildy?
  14. I understand, suprisses me no one reacts...:o
  15. Request: Private Script with source codeDescription: I'd rather tell the scripter in private instead of here, for everyone to see.Payment Amount: flexibleTime: no deadlineAdditional: none.
  16. Hey Tribot Scripters, I am looking for a small private script. If possible I want to buy the source code too. Private message or skype (below). Thx in advance!
  17. Hey Guys, Does anyone has a good worldhopper source code that actually works, would help me out big time? The built in worldhopper (API) of Tribot is still broken. I am currently working abroad and aint got a lot of time on my hands, I just want to check if any of you guys have one and are so generous to help me out. Thanks in advance! For that people that know me, yeah I've been away for a while..wanting to start again!:) (You never quit!:D)
  18. Hey @boe123, Could I maybe have a look at the source code? I am making a script that it going in and out of my house aswell, also requesting the butler, but I have trouble with it. Maybe i can sort things out If I have had a look at your script? Thanks in advance!!
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