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Everything posted by rs06botHein

  1. It kinda does..you should test out the premium scripts and see for yourselve if they can!
  2. Grats on release and rank!
  3. rs06botHein

    Nmz Quester

    Wauw congrats!!
  4. Have a look at the snippet section for pieces of code, this may help you out..
  5. Is that because you @wanabot?
  6. Nice release! I like this idea! Congrats
  7. dedicated servers mate! & @daxmagex is that you? long time no see!:)
  8. Gratz on suiciding to 99! Gl on developing, looks good!
  9. I’ve never heard of REST servers so don’t shoot me down but wouldn’t socket servers/communication be easier and more light weight? Btw: looking into REST server as we speak!
  10. Its a good start. You could get more structurised by implementing a framework (see link below) and it always helped me to look at some sources of other scripters. GL!
  11. Just get a vps?
  12. Nice release, now I can finally start whining!
  13. rs06botHein


    Account selling is not allowed on Tribot, sorry.
  14. Cool! Good luck on development!
  15. Talk to Hans in Lumbrigde. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Hans
  16. Great respect for you my friend! Thank you for sharing
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