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  1. rs06botHein

    Nmz Quester

    Wauw congrats!!
  2. Have a look at the snippet section for pieces of code, this may help you out..
  3. Is that because you @wanabot?
  4. Nice release! I like this idea! Congrats
  5. dedicated servers mate! & @daxmagex is that you? long time no see!:)
  6. Gratz on suiciding to 99! Gl on developing, looks good!
  7. I’ve never heard of REST servers so don’t shoot me down but wouldn’t socket servers/communication be easier and more light weight? Btw: looking into REST server as we speak!
  8. Its a good start. You could get more structurised by implementing a framework (see link below) and it always helped me to look at some sources of other scripters. GL!
  9. Just get a vps?
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