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  1. 150 Dollar Donor Usergroup Image:Donation Required: $150.00 USDFeatures:Same as AboveChange Username 1 Time
  2. We can not extract enough information from your bug/problem stated above. Please fill out a bug report format (found here) or contact me through the Discord Chat and I'll gladly help you forward.
  3. Isn't it Mater of Ceremony?ter of ceremoney
  4. @Aropupu, it's working for me now (I think it was caused by tribot not being updated yet yesterday). It does not use the deposit-all button it just banks all the ores the normal way (I do have the keep hammer in inventory toggled now). p.s.: Excited for ABC2, great work and loving the script so far!
  5. It deposits my rune axe at MLM, how can i add my axes? EDIT: Maybe it was because of the client update but now its working! sorry for post
  6. Just bought this script, anyone here that can give me some advice on how to get to 30 quickly? Thx in advance!
  7. No, I'm not vip nor vip-e as you can see, I just wanted to test this script for now. Having exams atm, starting up my old farm afterwards!
  8. I said banned but I was actually complimenting the script in a good way in my eyes. Here an actual proggy from a fjew days ago!
  9. Neat!
  10. Well i like the oldschool piano its the m1 vst btw! btw anyone here that knows a good music production [email protected]@fatdoobie2
  11. External keyboard(piano-plug and play), Ableton and alot....
  12. Just got banned @95 agility! @Aropupu very impressed with this script, ran it 24/7 for 1,5week (thowaway acc ofc)!
  13. I made this a while back! https://soundcloud.com/braaf-2/blaze-my-beat-braaf-remix other genre tho!
  14. For me it always crashes my whole client (using debian on vps) but normally it automaticly restarts the client and script...just not working on debian 7 for over a very long time now (unless someone has a fix?)