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  1. Depends a lot on what method you bot. Basic tasks will probably be ok with pixel based bots but they generally need more attention. End of the day you'll only know by trying...
  2. HUGEEEE!!! Probs to everyone making this possible
  3. GameUtil.hasSetPlayerName() && GameUtil.getPlayerName() are missing Other than that thanks a lot, rly needed this!
  4. Try asking around on the Tribot Discord: https://discord.gg/meGjpjm
  5. Nice idea, I've made one myself with GE support ... eventually stepped over to muling as GE fluctuation screwed over GP/HR to much..:/ Hopefully you get to make it work!
  6. Sweet! Does it have any antiban?
  7. Hey @Worthy thanks for your reply. As I said the codes are working, and I understand your explenation. Keyboard.holdKey('4', KeyEvent.VK_4, new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { RSObject[] obj = Objects.findNearest(15, "object"); if (obj != null && obj.length > 0) { //do stuff while holding key down } return stopCondition(); } }); Though I wanted to point out that holding number 4 pressed ingame vs using the code holdKey seems way different. When I press it ingame its quick, it spams my textbar full with 4's in under a second, compared to when using the code holdKey it takes like 5 seconds before its actually full. Therefore, in my eyes it seems like the code it not actually holding the key down? Why is it not spamming my textbar in under a second like if I do it manually? Is there an other code that I can use that does do this?
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