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  1. rs06botHein

    [P] Script with source code

    I understand, suprisses me no one reacts...:o
  2. rs06botHein

    [P] Script with source code

    Request: Private Script with source codeDescription: I'd rather tell the scripter in private instead of here, for everyone to see.Payment Amount: flexibleTime: no deadlineAdditional: none.
  3. rs06botHein

    [P] Script with source code

    Hey Tribot Scripters, I am looking for a small private script. If possible I want to buy the source code too. Private message or skype (below). Thx in advance!
  4. rs06botHein

    Worldhopper snippet?

    Hey Guys, Does anyone has a good worldhopper source code that actually works, would help me out big time? The built in worldhopper (API) of Tribot is still broken. I am currently working abroad and aint got a lot of time on my hands, I just want to check if any of you guys have one and are so generous to help me out. Thanks in advance! For that people that know me, yeah I've been away for a while..wanting to start again!:) (You never quit!:D)
  5. rs06botHein

    [ABC2 L10] [FREE][200-500k/h] Boe123's POHplanker

    Hey @boe123, Could I maybe have a look at the source code? I am making a script that it going in and out of my house aswell, also requesting the butler, but I have trouble with it. Maybe i can sort things out If I have had a look at your script? Thanks in advance!!
  6. rs06botHein

    zAlcher by Zainy

    @Zainy, could I maybe have a look at the source code? I’m trying to make an alcher myself but have no experience with abc antiban, I was wondering how you implemented it. Thanks in advance already!
  7. rs06botHein

    Fairy nats?

    lol..It is possible in osrs too!
  8. I've tried setting up this script so that it alchs and hops when one of the conditions is reached but It doesn't work. Is the script even capable of hopping when training magic or is this only a feature when using combat?
  9. Any progress reports with servant? hm tabs per hour will this make with servant? Also if the script pauzes using servant method, does it reenter house again? and in this case, does it matter where u house is located?
  10. We can not extract enough information from your bug/problem stated above. Please fill out a bug report format (found here) or contact me through the Discord Chat and I'll gladly help you forward.
  11. rs06botHein


    Isn't it Mater of Ceremony?ter of ceremoney
  12. @Aropupu, it's working for me now (I think it was caused by tribot not being updated yet yesterday). It does not use the deposit-all button it just banks all the ores the normal way (I do have the keep hammer in inventory toggled now). p.s.: Excited for ABC2, great work and loving the script so far!
  13. It deposits my rune axe at MLM, how can i add my axes? EDIT: Maybe it was because of the client update but now its working! sorry for post