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  1. Sweet! Does it have any antiban?
  2. Hey @Worthy thanks for your reply. As I said the codes are working, and I understand your explenation. Keyboard.holdKey('4', KeyEvent.VK_4, new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { RSObject[] obj = Objects.findNearest(15, "object"); if (obj != null && obj.length > 0) { //do stuff while holding key down } return stopCondition(); } }); Though I wanted to point out that holding number 4 pressed ingame vs using the code holdKey seems way different. When I press it ingame its quick, it spams my textbar full with 4's in under a second, compared to when using the code holdKey it takes like 5 seconds before its actually full. Therefore, in my eyes it seems like the code it not actually holding the key down? Why is it not spamming my textbar in under a second like if I do it manually? Is there an other code that I can use that does do this?
  3. Hi, I am looking to script holding number 4 pressed down while the bot is doing stuff. I've gotten it to work but it seems that all codes (see below) are not holding the number 4 pressed down constantly. When compared to actually holding down the number 4 ingame these codes are super slow, it seems like it is pressing 4 one by one (instead of holding they key down as it should) Working codes: Keyboard.typeKeys('4'); Keyboard.holdKey('4', KeyEvent.VK_4, stopppingCondition {}); Keyboard.sendPress('4', KeyEvent.VK_4); //do stuff Keyboard.sendRelease('4', KeyEvent.VK_4); Anyone can show me what I am doing wrong or has a solution to this? Thanks in advance!
  4. You can't download tribot on your Iphone directly nor bot on it. You can however use a viewing app like vnc viewer to remotely controle a vps/vpn.
  5. just sign up here and you will have a brand new lvl 3.
  6. Welcome back Texan! Hope this issue gets solved and you can start things up again! Cheers
  7. As title says.. Premium Tutorial Island bot with account creation and consistant support. Canโ€™t seem to find a working one on Tribot (please post if you have). Gz
  8. Dear scripters, Is there any good discord (or other centralised community) dedicated to scripting? (Other than forums ofcourse) I' am looking for tribot scripters eager to learn and help each other out. Grtz
  9. There is no failsafe when script is trying to hop and level up screen is up.
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