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  1. Shane9000100


    Hey guys I wanted to formally introduce myself after noticing my account was compromised. I noticed that my account had been posting a ton lately and it wasn't me as I haven't been active since early January. So without further at due I want to apologize to the community for carelessness in choice of my password here. I wasn't being smart and I ended up getting hacked as a possible result of it. I've been a semi active member of tribot for sometime and it kills me to see some ass hole hack my account and degrade my status as a member of this community. I wasn't sure where I should post this, but I felt it was necessary for me to post this. Thanks for reading and to make this a introduction my name is Shane I'm a computer science major and I develop java based games and programs.
  2. fucking retard

    1. Shane9000100


      Chill, I was hacked. No one deserves to be called a retard. My apologies for the wrongdoings of my account during its comprised period. 

  3. Why are you trying to get your post count up so fast ?

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