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  1. Operating System: Win 10 Java Version: jdk1.8.0_131 Issue I'm Having: Flickering every 2 -3 seconds making botting impossible What Script I'm trying to use: USA Tab Maker (just purchased lol)
  2. Had a good run on this bot, just got back into rs a week go, started botting 3 days ago with this bot. Ran it this evening for about 2 hours had a break for around 24 mins, came back to set it up, Logged in then instant kick. washing my botting hands RS just 2g.
  3. Hi Trilez, Just purchased, first full pack at tree gnome and it wont bank the "status" keeps jumping between "bank" and "check" very rapidly but it just stands still. Also why isn't Varrock Castle an option? I thought it was a viable cutting spot? ~Pie
  4. Thankyou for the reply, I will add you on skype we can have a chat soon. ~Pie
  5. Warfront are you going to get back to our questions? it seems i'm not the only one with issues, this script needs to be updated. Thankyou.
  6. Wont pick up fire runes at all, just right clicks then miss clicks and repeats until the loot has disappeared ~Pie
  7. Hi mate, Any chance of selecting a bank square? as most of us im sure like to sit in world 1 underneath 100 players fletching BUT after a while it seems to move up the line of bank booths and you end up sticking out like dogs balls and at more risk of being seen/noticed. Thankyou for an awesome free script - I may add you on skype later on. Regards, ~Pie
  8. Script has stopped banking willows @ draynor it just keeps clicking on a tree even though the pack is full, Texans chopper has the same issue.
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