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  1. kelthstone

    Question on expired bans

    in my experience it's random. I've had the same thing happen to me where I let an account sit for over a year with an expired ban, start botting on it and get another 2 day ban. I've also just been perm banned on main accounts with no prior bans. I suggest you use a proxy to bot the account and in case it gets banned again, you can send in a ban appeal request and theres a chance you will be able to get the ban quashed.
  2. kelthstone

    I was hacked. Any ideas?

    Maybe he has your information and recovered your account?
  3. kelthstone

    Keep getting banned

    I'm just speaking in my experience. two years ago when I knew nothing about botting I would bot on my home IP, get banned making a new account and get banned immediately. I could bot 15+ hours a day 4+ days a week before I was banned on that IP but once I got banned I could bot an account without getting banned in 8 hours. I'm certain that the VPS was flagged because the only accounts that were banned were the ones using the vps. I was also using a vps that was specifically targeted for runescape botters so that probably didn't help.
  4. kelthstone

    Keep getting banned

    Okay well in my experience I can't bot on flagged ip's. I went almost 6 weeks without a ban with worthys zulrah killer until I logged into a vps that was flagged and botted on it,
  5. kelthstone

    Keep getting banned

    Sounds like you're using the same IP address to bot all your accounts on lol. Once you get banned on an IP that IP is done. You can't bot on it anymore without getting banned within a day, no matter what.
  6. kelthstone

    This is a sham

    Helluva product.
  7. Yeah that's what I figured, I'll try and get a gif of it next time it happens and i'll post it here
  8. After I pause the script and do a few alchs myself if corrects it, otherwise it just keeps right clicking random places. Its rare but it happens.
  9. Used this 1-85 and it's great but occasionally the script will mess up, specifically when I'm stun alching or using any other splash spell. I think if it misclicks and moves to another tile it will just right click on the screen and then move the mouse or sometimes one of the tabs (skills or quest tab or something) and just keep doing that over and over.
  10. Scripts fire https://gyazo.com/0ab14541ccaf42b1ceb304a394609ef3 forgot to shut it off before work and ran all day. oops
  11. Used this for 8ish hours and once I ran out of nature runes it just kept clicking on the alch spell and using it on the stuff i was alching. Did that for like 15 minutes
  12. kelthstone

    Cant edit any text fields in any scripts

    I had that issue a couple days ago, just delete my cache and restarted tribot and it was working
  13. kelthstone

    TRiBot Release 10.2_0 / 10.3_0

    I don't believe it is. Zulrah script isn't working atm.