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  1. Just make a few accounts at a time..
  2. Would I just start tribot and then pick the proxy I want to use and then when the client actually opens choose LG and I'm set? Or is there something else I need to do. Not trying to bot on a flagged ip
  3. This script use to be the best. I got 80+ and 90+ on a 4-5 accounts back in the day. Too bad it's not updated anymore
  4. Igot banned stun alching this morning. Only a 2 day but still
  5. Delete you hooks.dat file in tribot. I did that and it fixed that problem.
  6. He specifically asked "can this be used with LG". Looking glass is used with botting, right?
  7. Other people that are lower HP have the same problem. The scripts is too slow when switching tabs. Like on the jad phase if your hp drops below the % you want it to eat at, it will switch tabs and eat and then try to switch back to the prayer tab and try to switch prayers but it will be too slow and people get comboed out. I'm sure it doesn't happen nearly as much with accounts with high def and hp but not everyone that uses this script has 99 def and hp so I'm really lookin forward to him fixing it. He said he was going to implement his own f keys code or w.e
  8. No I'm only 72 hp using shark and karams
  9. Script is very inconsistent tbh.. Sometimes I'll go 5 kills 0 deaths (most i ever got without a death) and sometimes I'll go 0 kills and 7 deaths. Worthy teamviewed me last night and watched a few kills and he said he think he found the problem so the script might be a little more consistent within the next couple days. Lets hope.
  10. Mine was doing that too but then I just restarted my script and it worked again.
  11. Read the last 2 pages, he says that LG isn't good when running this script.
  12. No, trident of swamp/ seas is a must tho
  13. This is pretty dope but why would you even want to run HD mode while botting. Seems kinda pointless and a waste of time to make it to where LG can be used. It's not like you sit there and just watch your screen while you bot... right?
  14. I wouldn't worry about it if you haven't been banned yet. I think 2day ban has something to do with account age and how much you botted on it but I could be wrong. I know that I always get perm banned on accounts that I have made within the past 2 months. The only time I get 2 day ban is if the account is a username log in and now a email log in. I may be completely wrong, that's just how it goes with me. If you're botting 2 accounts at the same time on the same IP and they both get caught, you're probably going to get a gold farm ban which is permanent.
  15. If you've been banned for botting on the IP you're currently using and you still bot on the same IP, you're asking to get banned. If you haven't been banned on the IP then you're good. I would chage your IP if you can but idt it would make much of a difference. Only bot on accounts you're willing to lose. Good luck