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  1. Available to work currently
  2. Available for work currently
  3. Can you link me to your stats via PM and I'll let ya know
  4. void

    Do you want all the helmets or just one?
  5. Do you supply the accounts and supplies to get the work done?
  6. Would be about 20M for all that. (Underground pass, biohazard etc?)
  7. Able to do services now.
  8. I've gotten 3 quests capes during my time playing Runescape and multiple sets of barrows gloves. I can do multiple accounts at a time and it is all DONE BY HAND. I will do the service first as long as you are active and trusted on this forum. I will not go first if you are trusted on another form. Prices are negotiable. Message me for my skype if interested or hit me up with a post or PM, thanks guys
  9. I can sell you 5 for 5M 07 if you're interested.
  10. Looking to sell 5 credits for 5M 07, hmu if you're interested.
  11. I can do multiple accounts at once for you. I have a few black dragon alts and I've done all these quests multiple times all by hand, hmu if you need me.
  12. Messaging you on skype. I can do RCing accounts 2 at a time. I can probably crank out 2 accounts every 3-4 hours. I have 93 rcing on one of my accounts and have gotten 80+ on a couple banned ones. I'll be doing it by hand though.