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  1. Does this script not detect pkers? It just continues attacking revs even when a 10 man team logs in and starts attacking people. I've died 3 times so far and all three times could have been easily avoided if I would have hopped or teled out :S
  2. kelthstone

    New to Botting.

    Just a tip, I would only use scripts that are updated often, otherwise you're just asking for a quick ban.
  3. @Worthy I think the bot is broken after the latest update. It just stands there when it is opening the bank or once it gets to the sacrificial boat
  4. I'm fine with losing the account I just don't want to lose the GP I put on the account unless I'm able to make 20M before I get banned. I know that once you get banned once botting on the account is even more risky but does it matter if it's expired/over a yeard old offense?
  5. So I have an account that was banned over a year and a half ago for botting and the offense says it's expired. Would I pretty much get insta banned if I tried botting zulrah on it? Would they still be watching the account closely? I've gotten a new IP since then as well.
  6. kelthstone

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    well what the fuck, how are you going to advertise lifetime scripts if they are in fact not lifetime at all. what a load of shit.
  7. kelthstone

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Why does it keep taking my stamina potion (4)s instead of drinking the 1s 2s and 3s?
  8. kelthstone

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    You've literally been spamming the shit out of this place over $4? Jesus christ dude relax.
  9. kelthstone

    Current state of botting on osrs

    True lol. I autoclicked 55-90 mage. Switched to a script that alched for me so i didn't log out every 6 hours and got 90-91 before i got banned. auto clickers with random intervals is op
  10. the mans made thousands of dollars from the script. he's not poor.
  11. Yea. I hate it when jagex does that shit. Did the same thing with afking nmz... Seriously zulrah has been out for 2 years and they're just now nerfing it.
  12. bruh make a brutals black dragon script. Great profits low reqs
  13. kelthstone

    Metal Dragons with alching support

    Would be beast if someone made a brutal black dragons script. I already have 3 alts I use to kill them. Insane money and low reqs.