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  1. banned at fight caves
  2. support.
  3. They've started banning fight caves bots with the strange plant bug. I had turned off my bot to see a crowd outside of fight caves and it turns out Jacmob was sitting there banning bots. He banned near 130 people botting fight caves in various worlds.
  4. Okay thats just harsh. Who cares if he didn't pay for it? Maybe he doesn't got the money for it, seriously.. Ink my whole body... what does that even mean? quit posting here m8. As for OP's question, I would wait for a mod's response.
  5. It's because w329 is the default world for tribot. Never have I seen such a stupid flaw in a bot..
  6. I hope this helps you to get up and get around. good luck!
  7. Client stopped responding so I tried to restart it and now it won't open for a few days. Great. Hope I get a few extra days or something..
  8. Quit being an idiot. When you pay for the bot you are paying for a full 30 days of a functioning bot. It's not a 1 time payment so we have reason to be impatient. If the bot is going to be down for 2-3 days out of those 30 you would expect some sort of compensation.