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  1. The quest is required, it's Dwarf Cannon. But like you said, its extremely easy and only takes a few minutes.
  2. wetdog48

    Uh oh.

    It shouldn't be surprising, this isn't 2010 anymore.
  3. wetdog48

    Uh oh.

    I've been perm banned with no warning on 2 accs in the past 3 days. When you bot, you're breaking the rules, and could (probably will depending on how you bot) be banned for it. Be happy you got a 2 day, and not permed right away.
  4. A working name checker would be nice.
  5. ^^^^^^^ i bought this script the day it was released.it takes over 5 seconds to attack npcs. dont buy vip for it.its a total rip off.the scripter has never updated the script,not even once,and isnt ever going to. and if u message him or post about a bug or the incredibly slow attack speed.he gets agressive and flames you. This is a cash grab script. do not buy it. do not buy it. every single person who has bought vip for this script has complained about the attack speed,it isnt even worth using the script. download a generic fightrer script tht supports b2p (available on tribot) and just go down to the tunnels and use it there. ***To be fair to the developer this script is an amazingly flawless script,but his reluctance to imrove the 5 second delay between kills has given this script a very bad name. Here is an auto fighter script tht supports b2p,its free (from tribot) and doesnt have the 5 second attack delay-like extunnels does the bot doesnt support DBA special,but it still gets u alot more xp per hour than extunnels will. https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=3757 (wish i found this script b4 i bought extunnels) Where does it say it does B2P?
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