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  1. Hi, my bots get stuck at the bank for some reason this happens 1/3 times. Bassicly this happens: [14:09:14] [ABC2] Right clicking [14:11:32] [ABC2] Moving mouse [14:11:34] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [14:13:14] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 3904 [14:13:33] [ABC2] Moving mouse [14:15:18] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [14:15:48] [ABC2] Right clicking [14:17:02] [ABC2] Moving mouse [14:17:21] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [14:18:42] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [14:18:46] [ABC2] Rotating camera [14:19:53] [ABC2] Right clicking Then it just sits there for a few minutes. Have had a few bans so far cause of bots getting stuck at the bank. All required items are still in the bank so it's not missing any specific items. This only started happening yesterday evening. Did not have any problems before that and didn't change my settings.
  2. Very nice, we all can't wait!
  3. I can't find where to download the 10.15._1 version can anyone help me. I only have the 10.16_1 version and it wont work for me.
  4. Everyone has the black screen issue right now it's being worked
  5. @jprz924 You need to use the this specific loader created by Todd, but it's currently down
  6. Looking Glass also blackscreen for me
  7. When using any of the rock cake options it just deposits my rock cake in the bank and starts drinking and wasting my absorps. Is there a reason why this is happening I can't seem to figure it out. Works fine with pray pots tho. *EDIT: I forgot to enter the rock cake as an item the bot had to withdraw, this fixed my issue
  8. 1. Script Author: Trilez 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 22:21:14 +0000 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 1 month 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): Author has quit the platform Thread of people asking for refunds here: 6. Issue(s): Script is outdated and does nothing other people on thread can confirm this script has been outdated for over 3 years...
  9. FuryScape


    1. Script Author: DaxMagex 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 10:48:51 +0000 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 1 month 3x 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): 6. Issue(s): Script it outdated, lost over 16 accounts 8 proxies and my subscription money. Script constantly bugs out bassicly everyone can confirm this if you read the thread. It's been like this for over 2-3 months.
  10. Hi I've been using Tribot for a few years now and recently when trying to hook my looking glass to my runelite client it just kept telling me it was the wrong version somehow (didn't install or uninstall anything) so I decided to uninstall the reinstall JDK 8U102 86x. After doing so my runelite still wouldn't hook to the client so I decided to uninstall runelite and reinstill it instead of the cross platform version I installed the "Windows 32 bit version". This worked for the client that launches instantly after the installment of runelite 32bit every client I open after will give me the message that it wont hook to my looking glass. If anyone knows how to solve this issue please help as I have loads of scripts and accounts that are just sitting right now. Kind regards Noa
  11. Posted it in script dispute no idea who handled it and what happened to it I mean it's been outdated since March and it's still up there there's about 2-3 pages of complaints of people losing accounts to people asking for refunds and nothing has been done
  12. A week or two ago I opened a dispute and still haven't heard anything in return? I haven't received any email confirming my dispute was sent or that the tribot staff even received it. Is any one handling this if not I will open a paypal dispute case I honestly don't care that you ban your customers for doing so as you barely even respond. This is my second dispute I haven't heard anything back from. There are multiple posts from multiple customers on his thread that the script is outdated and doesn't work anymore. IT'S YOUR JOB TO REVIEW THE SCRIPTS YOU SELL AND TAKE THEM OFF SALE IF THEY DON'T WORK INSTEAD OF IGNORING US. ONCE AGAIN HERE IS THE LINK TO THE THREAD SO YOU CAN DO YOUR JOB: Kind Regards One very angry customer...
  13. Worked perfectly for me, only issue is that it eats a bit more then normal osrs client but that seems unfixable for me at the moment Thank you for this tho
  14. FuryScape

    Chain ban

    Hi All 6 accounts were banned at the same time
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