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  1. Just bought the full version twice, got all my zulrah bots banned within 8 hours of starting the script. It keeps using the same path over and over again. Sorry but this is actually a trash script. It keeps walking your bots on the same tile over and over again. Do not recommend. Don't waste your money on this trash. If it were a bit decent it would have some kind of randomized position near the portal is has to attack not the same tile every single time that's the shit that gets you banned you dumbass
  2. Just bought the full version but keep getting this error, can someone help? [07:49:45] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.getHash()I [07:49:45] at scripts.DeltaWC.b(DeltaWC.java:360) [07:49:45] at scripts.DeltaWC.H(DeltaWC.java:840) [07:49:45] at scripts.DeltaWC.b(DeltaWC.java:1975) [07:49:45] at scripts.DeltaWC.handleState(DeltaWC.java:104) [07:49:45] at org.tribot.script.EnumScript.run(rg:171) [07:49:45] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [07:49:45] Script Ended: Delta Woodcutter AIO.
  3. Just bought the 10 instance version. Terrible script. Runs very slow, has no webwalking at all, you litteraly have to put in coordinates off every single action your character performs walking to the bank and back etc. Just another complete waste of money cause of terrible scripters on this site...
  4. FuryScape

    Auto login not working ?

    Same for me ^
  5. Also tried training at experiments, i'm sorry but banking works nowhere for me the script barely runs. Whenever it's at the bank it gets the items and just starts randomly walking places...
  6. "Q: The script is not making rock crabs aggressive again! What do I do? A: For special areas like rock crabs, you must select which area you are training at from the drop down menu in your banking settings." This option does not work. I've tried every single rock crab location except sand crabs and the bot will start clicking the same spot on the minimap constantly. https://gyazo.com/4799391e6f4a668bd2b9aae5ebd028f8
  7. FuryScape

    Nothing works

    "there might be things that don't work." All that's gotten added are tourny worlds? And litteraly no scripts run. Also the update happened a few hours ago. If this shit doesn't run it means this is just a crappy site with crappy bots and scripts. And also if you're sick of seeing the same posts then make a topic that's locked instead of complaining to a new botter u fucking faggot.
  8. FuryScape

    Nothing works

    Bought E-Vip trial now since i've botted in the past but none of the scripts seem to work litteraly none. They start randomly running places or just stand still. Can anyone explain to me why this site turned into shit like this? Honestly if no scripts work I'd like a refund cause it's fucking useless for me now.
  9. Pretty dissapointed... Tested it with 3 bots, all 3 of them got banned within 3 hours. The script doesn't support green salamanders and does not support breaks.
  10. Also when you have a full inventory it doesn't always drop your cakes.
  11. Please fix the baker's stall as it just seems to be going to the same spot every single time and you always get caught either by guards or by the baker himself.