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  1. Please add an option to use NO FOOD. It's not like yaks hit alot ... =.= My script doesnt work now, it keeps searching for food in the bank while im fucking 99 defence, no need for food at all. .... ugh..
  2. i know randoms is not the script but the client. but still, the courses are very bugged. I mean, Ape Atoll could get an EASY 40k xp/h it only does 31k xp/h... with lowest mouse speed and everything. Pllivneach is very bugged, sometimes it just goes into a building, the curtain closes and itll stand there for a while. Relekka also ver y bugged and I have ROOFTOPS off. Im not that stupid lol
  3. please fix the script. It's pretty SHIT at the moment. Like really. Just got back to find out that I was standing on a random palce in runescape [obv because of random] for more than 2 hours! That's VERY BOTLIKE. At least, if a random fails and you get tele'd, let the bot LOGOUT to enhance security against bans.. Also, please fix ape atoll.. At the obstacle after the monkeybars it takes 10+ seconds to click it. Also fix Relekka course, it should be at least an easy 45k xp/h while atm it's 38k xp/h Also, Pollivneach course is very buggy.
  4. Pollivneach and Relekka are sooooo glitchy. Xp/h is bad. Pollivneach only 25k xp/h [im 85 agi] Relekka 38k xp/h Relekka bug -> sometimes after a lap it walks into the Relekka Hall [fremennik trial starting point] all the way in, which loses alot of time + make you look VERY BOTLIKE.. .....
  5. Relekka Rooftop course became very glitchy. Many times at the end of the course (the fish bag) the script missclicks and walks into the Barbarian Longhall, which looks VERY botlike.
  6. completely depends on what your stats are and if you are ranging/melee'ing also depends on your gear or if ranging, what arrows/knifes you use. I done 34k ranged xp/h with bronze arrows+void, 40k/h with mithril arrows+void, 44k with iron knives+void. Melee I haven't trained at yaks, but it should be 50k+ xp/h [depends on your gear/melee stats]
  7. Yeh :/ the xph is pretty low at relekka although I never fail the course (no food required) But I think I'm gonna stop botting @ 85 agility. As that is the level where you have unlocked all agility-shortcuts, and going straight to 99 seems a bit dangerous incase of bans and it's not like I wear a skillcape anytime anyways. Fcape4life.
  8. Hi my Relekka Rooftops only does 38k xp/h How does this happen? As it has the potential of 45-50k xp/h
  9. Oh okay awesome, let's hope so! Because I was thinking about... stopping at 85 agility, as that looks good, is pretty high and gives you access to ALL shortcuts or just going straight to 99 agi. But I really don't want a perm ban as my acc is maxed combat etc
  10. Hi I was wondering how the banrates were for agility? And if it's your FIRST ban, will it be 2 days or immediately a PERMANENT ban for botting agility? greet
  11. Hi. First I was doing 40k+ xp/h at pollivneach rooftop. I haven't changed any settings, and now it's only doing 36k xp/h How does this come? And is there any way you could make the pollivneach agility rooftop go faster? Because it has the potential of gaining 45k xp/h! All in all, the script works, but the xp/h could be better ^^ keep up the good work!
  12. is tribot down or something? Everytime I start the script it says ''unable to download the script'' .......
  13. Would it be possible to improve the Ape Atoll script? Im never falling and I only do 30k xp/h it could easily be pumped up to 40k+xp/h
  14. Very glitchy script, I regret that I bought it... @ Seer's it only does 25k xp/h for me AND now it EVERY time it falls from the roof (im 66 agi), it ends the script [says : We are No longer at the Seer's roof course!] .......... :[ Also, at what lvl do you stop failing Seer's?
  15. At the moment I'm not very satisfied with the script. first of all, almost anytime after 5 minutes it STOPS due to max amount of instances surpassed, which is strange. Then, when you have killed a yak, it takes way to long before it attacks another one which slow downs the xp/h rates by ALOT if these 2 things would be fixed, this script would get a 9/10 from me. At the moment it's barely a 4/10 as it never works/crashes alot.
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