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  1. Gold Farming - Part 1 - Account Safety So here is the long awaited gold farming guide that everyone has been waiting for. In this series we will be talking about various account safety measures to keep your account working for you, long term. I cannot stress this enough that even with every safety precaution you use, it is STILL possible to get banned, so only bot on accounts you do not care about. Lets get started. ============================================================================================================== Account Creation: Arguably the most important aspect when you want to start a farm. Keeping accounts separated and on different IP networks will keep your accounts from being noticed while creating and when botting. Jagex will temporarily block certain IPs from creating accounts if they notice you are making them in bulk, for instance an example of poor account creation vs. correct account creation: Poor Account Creation: You create 4 accounts within an hour, the 5th account you make is blocked because you created too many accounts on a single IP, now you must wait for your IP to be unsuspended creating a flagged IP that Jagex now watches over. You are now limited to making accounts and now you are wasting time. Correct Account Creation: You create 4 accounts over 2 proxies, IP1 and IP2. You make 2 accounts on IP1 and 2 accounts on IP2, now since you didn't make bulk accounts on 1 IP you are still free to make more accounts by oscillating between the two IPs. By doing this you relieve stress on a single IP which could of possibly been marked as flagged causing future accounts to be watched over and banned faster. =============================================================================================================== Account Appearance: Have you ever seen a default level 3 character with green pants, brown shirt, and bald? Well he either doesn't care about his account or he's misinformed about how to gold farm correctly. Appearance makes the bot, if you want to be successful you need to act the part. Dressing your character up may not sound like it will do much but it will. Almost all bans come from player reports. Legit players feel the need to ban your bots because they feel it is unfair that you are using a system to produce resources while they can't, this is the incentive to ban bots. If you had 2 accounts, 1 with default "bob" look and 1 with full rune, it is more likely that your default character will be reported more often than the account with full Rune. Now this is not always the case as Jagex will have automated bot detection system that will ban you either way, but if you are using "looking glass" having your account look more legit will improve your longevity and overall success rate. Putting that extra 5 minutes of work to dress your character up will be very worth it in the end. VS. If you were to guess which one of these two accounts were a bot, the obvious answer would be the left one because the right account looks like a splasher. The real answer is that they are both bots, but since people think the right account is just been splashing "afk" it'll reduce the chances of player bans, which overall will reduce the chance of getting banned. While the account on the left just screams "bot" and will most likely be banned within 24 hours. This is just an example of an outfit you could potentially use on your accounts, and it is better to mix up your outfits rather than to have all your bots dressed up the same. The goal here is to simulate a real player. ============================================================================================================== Account Stats and Questing: Account stats and quests are the numbers Jagex can use to determine a bot. If you want to make your accounts last randomize your skills you train and do some quests every now and then. F2P accounts are limited to the number of items they can trade over the GE or to another player for the first 17 hours (correct me if I'm wrong), but this can be over come by getting 8 quest points (also not 100% sure of this number). From my experience players who have a large number of F2P quests done will be more lenient when they are caught botting and will receive a 2-14 day ban before they are permanently. Don't be lazy and only level up the skill you are using to gold farm, but take some time and work on your botting accounts to make sure they look legit. This way they will last a lot longer than an average bot. ============================================================================================================ Stay Undetected: Since we know that appearance matters, and player reports play a role in being banned, staying undetected is a major key in dodging player reports. How to stay undetected? Bot in various areas that correspond to your botting habits. If you are using a Fletching Script, you are better off either botting in a very public place with many people on 1 square, for example the Grand Exchange in World 2, OR botting in an empty bank booth that you know no one will come to. Avoiding real players is the best way to stay unbanned, but this does not mean you cannot stay undetected forever. Jagex bot system is a lot better than you think it is. Botting large amount of hours is very risky and unnecessary for long term profit. However this should not shy you away from botting 24/7 which is very possible, but bans will come almost always. ============================================================================================================ Breaks: Normal humans do not play for extended periods of times, if you want to reduce your bans use breaks according to what you set your age to when creating the account. Jagex will use this "age" variable to determine if it is possible for this player to be playing for long hours. For example if you set your age to 10-15, Jagex knows that you are likely to be in elementary school/high school which will determine your hours of play. Teenagers usually get out of school at 2-3PM EST so if they see that you are playing 12 hours a day, but your age is set to 13, this will be a huge indicator that you are a bot. Depending on your type of bot farm (which I will cover in part 2) you can either break this rule or follow it. Do not be discourage with this number, it is still very possible to have 24/7 bot farms then run all the time but they require a bit more work and knowledge on how to run. ============================================================================================================== Proxies: Proxies overall are a great investment for gold farming. Basically proxies help you separate your accounts from being chain banned. What is chain banning? Chain banning is when all of your accounts you are botting are on a single IP address, lets say 1 account on this IP address is banned for botting. Jagex will then run a check on that IP to see if there are any other accounts on that IP that are also botting, if they detect any sort of suspicious activity then they do a mass ban on that single IP and wipe all the accounts associated with that IP. This means even if you have 5 account botting and only 1 of the 5 account gets caught, all 5 will still get banned. The way around this is to separate your IP address which each account so they have their own special space to avoid contact with other accounts. An example of correctly using proxies vs. not using proxies would be as so: Not Using Proxies: You have 10 accounts all botting on the same IP. Each of them are doing different tasks, fishing, woodcutting, mining, smithing etc. However Bot 3 is caught by Jagex's detection system. Jagex now runs a check on that IP to see if there are any other accounts associated with this IP. They find the other 9 accounts and ban all 10 accounts with 1 single click. You have now just wasted time and resources. Using Proxies: You have 10 accounts all botting on different IP. Each of them are doing different tasks, fishing, woodcutting, mining, smithing etc. This time Bot 5 is caught by Jagex's detection system. Jagex runs a check on Bot 5's IP address and sees no other bots on that IP. Your other 9 accounts are now safe from Bot 5's mistake by being caught. Now each account does not need it's own unique IP addresses, it really depends on what type of "Bot Farm" you want to run (this will be covered in another guide in the future). Some farms will be sufficient enough so that you can have multiple accounts on an IP and so on and so forth. *You can purchase premium proxies on our site virtualbuddy.org* ======================================================================================================== Documentation: The most important rule of gold farming when you are starting out is documenting all your work, with all your steps. Why? If you get banned you can check your logs to see where you went wrong, and can prevent it from happening again. Lots of new people fail to realize how important this step is when gold farming because it requires lots of work to maintain information, however once you get the hang of it like I have it will only take you a few minutes everyday to update your docs. I recommend having your information on a spreadsheet such as Google Docs, with all information regarding the account in the cells. An example template will be used here. I document all my information in my Google Docs everyday when checking and looting accounts: As you can see I have everything from my account login to my total amount of gold made. Keeping track of your membership and account gold will vastly improve your chances of being successful while gold farming. Remember don't be lazy this will pay off in the end, and keep grinding. An example of some of the cells being filled in will result in your ending cells to look like this (This is from last summer when I ran my Tau GE Bot Farm): Further more I also document what I need to do next time, and work towards little goals everyday which add up tremendously. This is just an example of what you could do depending on what kind of bot farm you want to be running. Overall the more organized you are the better off you will be, if you are serious about making money gold farming you need to treat this as a real job, as you will be making real money. Mule your gold on Legit looking accounts and sell regularly with accurate gold prices, and do not get ripped off as lots of gold resellers will try to "low ball" your gold. I would highly recommend selling your gold to big time gold resellers as it will greatly reduce your chances of being scammed when selling. If you need help looking for gold prices, feel free to PM me as I document resellers average buy prices everyday. My Payouts are directly deposited to my IRL Bank account after I receive it via PayPal. ======================================================================================================== This about wraps up Part 1 of my Gold Farming Series. Be sure to follow me by going to my profile here: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/67302-pwningcows/ and click the "follow" button to be noticed when my other parts are released! Use code: GOLDFARM for 10% off all Runescape related products on our site.
  2. Am I just Unlucky?

    You most likely got manually reported during your Agility run. Seeing as how its a moderate ban, it definitely is plausible that a mod hit you with the hammer for a first time offense. Otherwise it would have been perm ban from the system.
  3. Tut Isle Extravaganza

    Tribot at it's finest.
  4. Clean Code Notes

    Great contribution, thanks for the share.
  5. [Music] Some Recent Finds

  6. Need Proxy Recommendation

    Hi you can check out our ELITE SOCKS5 Proxies dedicated to botting at www.virtualbuddy.org. We have an noob-friendly whitelist/firewall system, with control panel and easy to use GUI. Ensure you and only yourself are in control of your IP at all times with our proxy system. Regards,
  7. Proxies not working / VPN ?

    The reason why your SOCKS5 work on FireFox and not Tribot is because of your connection stability. While on FireFox you don't need a stable connection, just enough for the web page to load and your golden. For Tribot you need a direct strong stable connection like what @butta said above, on Tribot since your proxies are weak connection, they will die in and out every few seconds. To combat this issue you can use ELITE SOCKS5 Proxies, which we sell on our site www.virtualbuddy.org Regards
  8. We'll keep you posted on any new updates. I would expect 2.0 to come anywhere between May - August. Don't take my word for it though as things pop up and projects are pushed back frequently in real life applications, especially the ones that we commit our free time to. Regards,
  9. Most likely they whitelist the proxy so that your home IP can only use the proxy. Don't take my word for it though because I'm not sure of their system. If you want to use proxies that can be whitelisted manually and easily, you can check out our wares here: www.virtualbuddy.org. We have SOCKS5 Elite proxies used for botting, with control panel access for all your proxy needs.
  10. Do Private Proxy Sites re-use Proxies?

    No ETA for the final sale date, if sales go well I will extend it into the new year. Also please use BOXINGDAY35 for 35% off, I put the wrong code earlier. Regards, Cows
  11. Do Private Proxy Sites re-use Proxies?

    You have to watch out for some proxy services as they resell their proxies, make sure to contact the provider and ask before hand if they readd the IP into the system after they expire. You can take a look at our proxies here: www.virtualbuddy.org we supply hundreds of proxies per month to gold farmers, and never reuse the proxies we've sold. You can use our special code: GETTHATGOLD30 for 30% off for our boxing day sale. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Cows
  12. how to get refund

    Give it some time, I'm sure everyone is with their families at the moment. They will respond eventually and you will have it sorted out in no time.
  13. Too many Authentication failures - Dedi server

    If they have access to your server they have everything on your server. IP, Usernames, Passwords etc
  14. Too many Authentication failures - Dedi server

    Like Montreal said its caused by brute force attacks, usually because your VPS's port is on the range 5901-59xx which is the most common VNC port, I suggest using a heavier port, and changing your password with dynamic characters such as ! @ Capital Letters etc. Regards,
  15. F2P botting combat

    Take a look at my gold farming guide part 1 it'll help you lower ban rates drastically.
  16. V2 is nothing more than a few changes that may or may not lower the ban rate, currently Tau GE holds the most profit ever made in 1 script, also one of the lowest ban rate throughout history. I'm still profiting with this script, you need to think outside the box if you want to be successful gold farming. Can't keep blaming one thing or the other because in reality this is one if not the #1 money making script. Lots of people are still using it, its not unusable. If the script as at the point where we deemed the script detectable it would be revised immediately Over $150k USD made in 1.5 years is doing something right. Why are you baby sitting if it is clear that you are not getting any bans? This statement totally contradicts what you said above. Unusable but flawless 90 hour runs. Regards,
  17. Creating a Farm

    They are randomized yes, with no numbers so they look legit. Regards,
  18. Creating a Farm

    Generally speaking a lot of the work is out sourced to other players, and what I mean by that is the work is done already you just have to pay a premium. (In respects to his question about making accounts) You can take a look at our wares here www.virtualbuddy.org, we have everything from VPS-Proxies and the "Market Place" section should answer your question above about accounts. Regards,
  19. There is a lot of things we are planning to release on V2 of Tau GE, with that said we aren't ignoring any of your guy's suggestions, I'm noting everything and once we have some time V2 will include all of everyones collection of anti-ban suggestions. To answer your question about the random number, I doubt it will have any effect on whether you get banned or not because theres thousands of other offers going in before/after your offer. Also there is the probability of them merching several items and only having enough to buy exactly 7748 arrows. I wouldn't worry about it too much as this script is still profiting everyday. Regards,
  20. Proxy Provider

    You can try our proxies @ virtualbuddy.org Whitelist protection + control panel access. Feel free to ask anything.
  21. Thank you for all of our clients who have been patiently waiting for the release of our automated proxy system. I am pleased to announce our rerelease of VirtualBuddy, and with Black Friday just around the corner I want to thank all of the Tribot members for helping us strive to be the #1 Solution for VPS/Proxies. For the last few months we have been working very hard to provide you with nothing but excellence. We are proud to announce our fully Automated Proxy system, complete with control panel access, whitelist system, and tons more features. Our Proxy Packages are currently location within USA, prices starting at a low $3.25. Each package comes with a minimum of 2 proxies (1 HTTP & 1 SOCKS5) these two combined will help you create, spread, and reduce the chances of being banned by Jagex. ALL Packages will come with both HTTP & SOCKS5 Proxies for no extra charge. Why wait? Choose our enterprise grade Proxy Service today. BLACK FRIDAY CODE: GETTHATGOLD30 www.virtualbuddy.org CODE VALID NOV 24th - NOV 30th Best Regards, Pwningcows
  22. BLACK FRIDAY SALE - 30% off ALL Proxies - VirtualBuddy

    extended the sale. Lots of proxies still up for grabs.
  23. Gold Farming 5 Account need suggestion ?

    You can read my account safety guide which is very in-depth and will help you out. My second guide will focus on which scripts you should be using and techniques for each.
  24. I wanted VIP Extended

    If you go to the Repo there should be a sidebar for VIP, at the bottom it will give you the option to purchase VIP-E for an extra $2 or something
  25. Mule got banned for botting? wtf

    must of gotten chain banned. You can use proxies to separate your mule and your bots so this won't happen in the future. You can get proxies at www.virtualbuddy.org and using GETTHATGOLD30 you can get 30% all proxy packages regards,