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  1. We'll keep you posted on any new updates. I would expect 2.0 to come anywhere between May - August. Don't take my word for it though as things pop up and projects are pushed back frequently in real life applications, especially the ones that we commit our free time to. Regards,
  2. Most likely they whitelist the proxy so that your home IP can only use the proxy. Don't take my word for it though because I'm not sure of their system. If you want to use proxies that can be whitelisted manually and easily, you can check out our wares here: www.virtualbuddy.org. We have SOCKS5 Elite proxies used for botting, with control panel access for all your proxy needs.
  3. You can always email a ticket for support which is 24/7, we reply fast. Live chat will be up once VPS automation is done as it cost me too much money to hire live chat workers currently. Also any messages directly to me on Tribot will be answered within an hour. 10 Proxies = 10 IP locations = 1 IP per bot = 10 Bots so yes. You can also run more than 1 bot per IP, I would suggest 2-3 per IP to make full efficiency of the proxies. Let me know if you guys have anymore questions, Regards, Cows
  4. No ETA for the final sale date, if sales go well I will extend it into the new year. Also please use BOXINGDAY35 for 35% off, I put the wrong code earlier. Regards, Cows
  5. Feel free to PM me directly for any questions regarding out services CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR SOCKS5 PROXY PAGE Best Regards & Happy Holidays, VirtualBuddy Team.
  6. You can easily analyze the market of BTC to predict whether it will go up or not. Currently since the BTC halved a few months ago, BTC started to rise. Why? Because it takes 2x as long to mine the same BTC as before which makes the volume scarce. Thus increasing demand and price. If you wait a few months - years, the market will become saturated again and BTC will drop in price due to the sheer number of miners. But do not fear because BTC will halve again eventually creating an increase in price. Regards, Cows
  7. You have to watch out for some proxy services as they resell their proxies, make sure to contact the provider and ask before hand if they readd the IP into the system after they expire. You can take a look at our proxies here: www.virtualbuddy.org we supply hundreds of proxies per month to gold farmers, and never reuse the proxies we've sold. You can use our special code: GETTHATGOLD30 for 30% off for our boxing day sale. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Cows
  8. Give it some time, I'm sure everyone is with their families at the moment. They will respond eventually and you will have it sorted out in no time.
  9. If they have access to your server they have everything on your server. IP, Usernames, Passwords etc
  10. Like Montreal said its caused by brute force attacks, usually because your VPS's port is on the range 5901-59xx which is the most common VNC port, I suggest using a heavier port, and changing your password with dynamic characters such as ! @ Capital Letters etc. Regards,
  11. Take a look at my gold farming guide part 1 it'll help you lower ban rates drastically.
  12. V2 is nothing more than a few changes that may or may not lower the ban rate, currently Tau GE holds the most profit ever made in 1 script, also one of the lowest ban rate throughout history. I'm still profiting with this script, you need to think outside the box if you want to be successful gold farming. Can't keep blaming one thing or the other because in reality this is one if not the #1 money making script. Lots of people are still using it, its not unusable. If the script as at the point where we deemed the script detectable it would be revised immediately Over $150k USD made in 1.5 years is doing something right. Why are you baby sitting if it is clear that you are not getting any bans? This statement totally contradicts what you said above. Unusable but flawless 90 hour runs. Regards,
  13. They are randomized yes, with no numbers so they look legit. Regards,
  14. Generally speaking a lot of the work is out sourced to other players, and what I mean by that is the work is done already you just have to pay a premium. (In respects to his question about making accounts) You can take a look at our wares here www.virtualbuddy.org, we have everything from VPS-Proxies and the "Market Place" section should answer your question above about accounts. Regards,
  15. There is a lot of things we are planning to release on V2 of Tau GE, with that said we aren't ignoring any of your guy's suggestions, I'm noting everything and once we have some time V2 will include all of everyones collection of anti-ban suggestions. To answer your question about the random number, I doubt it will have any effect on whether you get banned or not because theres thousands of other offers going in before/after your offer. Also there is the probability of them merching several items and only having enough to buy exactly 7748 arrows. I wouldn't worry about it too much as this script is still profiting everyday. Regards,