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  1. You can read my account safety guide which is very in-depth and will help you out. My second guide will focus on which scripts you should be using and techniques for each.
  2. If you go to the Repo there should be a sidebar for VIP, at the bottom it will give you the option to purchase VIP-E for an extra $2 or something
  3. must of gotten chain banned. You can use proxies to separate your mule and your bots so this won't happen in the future. You can get proxies at www.virtualbuddy.org and using GETTHATGOLD30 you can get 30% all proxy packages regards,
  4. Last night to get some nice discount offer proxies!
  5. I believe its waiting to be approved to repo.
  6. Can you take a screenshot of the client with the debugging at the bottom. I can help you out but need more information.
  7. 8/9AM sounds like kids playing before school. 6.7pm sounds like workers/students coming home ate dinner and want to play runescape now. If they aren't bots why does it matter, just avoid those botting times since you know this data now.
  8. second last day for the sale!
  9. Wait until Guide 2, I promise it will be the best thing anyone reads that wants to go into gold farming. Basically showcasing my "secrets" on how I got it to work for me. With various scripts and techniques/strategies.
  10. bumppp
  11. frequent cash outs under 50m will yield you most success. I wouldn't hold my gold too long unless you need it to reinvest. Cash out once to twice a week.
  12. Try posting it in the OSBuddy forums.
  13. I'll check it now, for faster replies you can inbox me on Tribot anytime. Regards,
  14. Guide 2 Should be coming out within the next few weeks.