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  1. i7 Gives you more power in terms of running the bots smoothly. for example i5 might let you run 10 accounts with LG, while i7 will let you run 20 (example) both are very similar though, if you wanna save some money get the i5.
  2. Depending on how much time I have I may release this to the public for a premium membership on my site. I've done a lot of private work on this database and it would be a shame to leave it sitting there. Database will include all 20658 items in the game.
  3. I actually keep track of the price and many other critical variables to calculate the OSRS economy gold price.
  4. Hey there, Are you running the script on LG?
  5. This is 2016, #GayLivesMatter.
  6. Hi Kappaccino, Thanks for your inquiry. We expect to be live in around 1- 2 weeks expected time for VPS automation and renewal. I would say we are done about 80% of the VPS script to automate, we need to run fail safes before we can release to public to make sure there is no bugs at the final stages of release. Let me know if you have anymore questions, Best, Cows
  7. Hey there, I'll get it whitelisted now. Sorry for the delay we are in the final stages of upgrades. In the next few days proxies will be 100% fully automated delivery, and will come with control panel account that will allow you to easily whitelist/delete any IP you want the proxies to be used on. Let me know if you have any more concerns. Best, Cows.
  8. We sell Dedicated servers on our site: Virtualbuddy.org If you are looking for something within a budget, our VPS will do the job well. You can view our feedback on my profile. Best, Pwningcows
  9. Just haven't updated in a while sitting at like 288k or something.
  10. Hey there, I just sent it out sorry for the delay, I was busy moving back.
  11. Trust me you don't want to. Been there done that, it's not fun when they find you. Especially if they figure out that you hired someone.