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  1. Phixs Graphics

  2. I fixed it by manually accepting a stake then it declined and started accepting again btw I yolo'd a bit today and got lucky I started wtih abyssal tentacle and 907k cash pile ended with this ^.^ http://prntscr.com/3gxy2x
  3. i have to agree with this, its been happening to me all day
  4. Ran today on 8 accounts for a good chunk of time and with lots of breaks i got about 11m not too bad for first day back
  5. +- 3% error range as he has said like 10000 times *facepalm*
  6. Back to gold farming :)

  7. visualbasic

    TRiBot Release 9.108_0

  8. I'd easily pay $50 a month for this lol
  9. i did and i dont get it O_O lolwut am i supposed to get out of this?:0 just you wait