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  1. Yes what I'm saying is because I got banned on that IP will they be watching my accounts now? Or watching accounts on that IP
  2. Ok, so today I got banned on an account I made 2 days ago. I was banned while using a rock crab script, and I WAS NOT using a proxy. My question is, I still need to level/max my rune pure. Will it be safe to bot that account using the same rock crab script or will I get banned because of my IP? Should I get extended vip and use a proxy? I just need to know what will be the safest step from here on out, i realllllly don't want my rune pure banned. I've put a lot of legit work into it. I just cba training, and I am too poor to use prayer pots at nmz
  3. I placed an order on the website, needing to pay with rsgp, but i want to know, do i need standard VIP or any VIP to run proxy's and also how will you contact me?
  4. im thinking about using this script for alching my 94 mage. hows the ban rate, and hows the antiban on it? are the intervals between clicks the same every time? if so thats very detectable. Please someone respond asap.
  5. zAlcher by Zainy

    Im thinking about using this script, hows the ban rate? are the intervals between clicks identical or does it change it?
  6. Hello, I am simply looking for a TRUSTED individual to do my fire cape for me.. I obviously will pay, as long as your price is reasonable.. some people are trying to charge 15-23m for a fire cape which is ridiculous.. My stats: 60 range, 44 prayer, 63 hp, 1 defense I can train my range to 70 if necessary.. but preferred not to. You don't have to be a site moderator, but you do have to have vouches for you and prove to me that you're not going to hack my account/train my defense and log (idk why people do that in the first place but some people get joy out of ruining accounts for people..) I will supply all necessary items and potions to complete the caves, all you must do is log on.. do caves.. log out If you're interested, post down below, but if you're a con artist or a scammer don't bother wasting your time.. Thanks
  7. my stats: 60 range, 44 prayer, 1 defense, 60 hp payment method: RSGP added you yet: yes on skype i can train range to 70 if it will be a big price difference so can you let me know on price for these stats and then price for these stats with 70 range
  8. so, i was wondering if anyone has been experiencing a lot of bans on p2p accs, i really wanna bot my last 2 levels before 94 mage
  9. Hey, I just bought VIP today, and i love the script. But i have one issue, the script doesnt pick up the herbs. please help!