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  1. Constanly missclicks the ladder at the zmi altar, running back and front every trip. Do you have a recomended camera angle or something like that ? I would like to buy the bot If I can figure this out.
  2. Yes I did, and no I am not using lg. Using fixed mode on tribot client I did restart my client 2 times after deleting hook multiple times. Script just works fine with everything else its just the absorption thing. I still have it I can record whats happening if you would like.
  3. Script tries to take absorb potion it constanlty right clicks the barrel and moves away the mouse. I followed your steps before writing a bug report.
  4. Hey just bought the script, is there any way you can choose when to pot ? I would rather use it every 6-7 minutes instead of 10-11. .
  5. Trying to Smith Mithril dart tips in Varrock west. Using LG and bot just tries to get hammers from the bank.
  6. Any updates on this script? I would really like to see a good free rc script.
  7. Using the script in hosidious kitchen with monkfishes was working really good but after todays update it just tries to get monkfish while inventory is full with monkfishes
  8. I got the same thing it happened when I was on 4 traps and inventory full. Not totaly full just that It cant loot the salamander. It just doesnt drop salamenders when its non-stop doing something. I tried every dropping methed but still nothing.
  9. When I run the script a blank page opens named "Auto Crafter 1.0" and does not start, do you know whats that about ?
  10. Start button does not work on motherlode mine banking Well I just closed and opened it agian after 10 mins it worked nvm. Thanks for the best scripts ever.
  11. playzero

    Cant buy VIP

    I am not on a proxy or a vpn, I dont use btc and I dont want to use. I used to buy with paypal or with a credit card but I cant do that both now =(
  12. playzero

    Cant buy VIP

    Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. I have been using tribot since osrs launched purchased some script and vip over time, but when I try to purchose vip with any method I can I fix this some how ?
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