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  1. I just look in the mirror and say to myself 'Brah, you're a sikkunt m8, you got dis.' and it keeps me motivated to be shredded.
  2. So far i've tried Jack3d, Jack3d micro, 1MR, and craze. 1MR is my fav so far but i'm currently ordering white flood's preworkout. Heard a lot of good things. It lacks creatine in it but I can add that on my own.
  3. Day 1 Starting stats: 10% bf 145 lbs 5'10 PRs: Bench 160 Deadlift 180 Squat 180 Chicken legs of peace. Month 1 Stats: 10% bf 145 lbs 5'10 PRs: Bench 165 Deadlift 190 Squat 185 Month 2 Stats: 11% bf 150 lbs 5'10 PRs: Bench 165 Deadlift 190 Squat 185 Stopped taking progress for a couple months but Month 8 Stats: 13% bf 172 lbs 5'10 PRs: Bench 270 Deadlift 425 Squat 400 Trill is mirin my progress.