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  1. Waiting patiently
  2. just started the script back up, was going to ask does this new update support the farmers outfit when depositing?
  3. me patiently waiting on the repo to start working again,
  4. Can confirm I also had lots of trouble running this script a couple months ago. It really needs an update bad.
  5. RIP, thanks for trying tho
  6. If you go straight back to botting it is likely you will be banned again, however i am botting on an account with 2 expired bot busting moderates, so if you let them expire i think it will reset the heat on the account. just lay low on that account until the ban expires then start again.
  7. @Encoded from today's update. Pls update to support thx.
  8. Hey i am using this on one of my alts and i was at phails, do you think you could make it click on the logs then phails directly? when it is in resizable mode it doesn't need to use the minimap to run over to him first, you could just use the logs on him from the portal. thx
  9. does this support equipping the farming outfit before it deposits the fruit? it is a noticeable difference when you're depositing so many fruits but otherwise graceful during the planting stages is obv better.
  10. Led Zeppelin

    YE BOI

    didnt jimsky quit ?
  11. if it is osbuddy hook to the osbuddy.exe x64 version, if it is runelite hook to the universal version .jar
  12. Because those people are faggots and the only meat they can eat is human cock 8 times a day.
  13. Hi, the script is working great, it was able to get 9/10 of the crates from all the rounds it did, either way do you think you could add a toggle for the dragon axe special? i dont think it really is helping and i noticed the game it didn't make 500 points it was because it was messing around with the axe special when it really didn't need it. thx also the lighting braizers and repairs are pretty slow, it only gets them about half the time and could be the reason why one of the games i missed a crate.
  14. Well it is like they say "ignorance is bliss"
  15. It sounds more like you are just a introverted person, which there is nothing wrong with that. I agree though you cannot truly recover from something until you know how bad it really can get.
  16. Hi, i used to be like a lot of you people, then i realized that something so simple would help my depression, so much so that i could probably say that it is mostly recovered and definitely not debilitating like it used to be. Warning this thread is probably tl;dr for most people on here. You people who know me know that i am/was an attention whore who would talk about suicide all the time, i never did it (luckily or because i am a coward, however you look at it) obviously, but it seems this overarching story is pretty common among the runescape players, even in-game depression creeps among the best of the players, plaguing their every move, only getting by because of the next level up or achievement. What helped me though? The touch It is the touch, being able to touch another animal that you know cares about you, to tell you that you are not alone and that you are loved and needed, this is how you prevent the blue feelings. You cannot get caught up in blue feelings, if you do you will never get out of your rut. If you are so depressed that you feel you are not even capable of taking care of an emotional support pet then i would highly recommend seeing a doctor about an anxiety* medication. *Anxiety medication seems to help much more than any depression medication, I have found that from personal testing and experience the depression is actually rooted deep in a state of anxiety that you cannot control and this causes the depression, they often go hand-in-hand, though this is only for my personal examinations, you may need an antidepressant... The main reason i say depression is rooted in anxiety is because true depression is the inability to get out of bed, take care of ones-self or even care about your surroundings -- i find that most people i talk to aren't actually like this fully, they simply have so much anxiety that they haven't dealt with that it causes a depression because you don't want to think about the things that are making you anxious. Finding your totem You have to find your totems -- metaphysical things to keep you attached to this world, things that get you out of bed and able to feed yourself, for me it was my pets and bunnies, for others it may be other things. Back before everyone was super careful about having children i firmly believe most people used their children for their totem, it is relatively hard to go catatonic when you have a smiling cute face to take care of, this only helps for about 10 years per child but that is better than most things you could find. The fact of the matter is our totems are the things in our "nest" and our entire generation (born 1980-2000) has empty nest syndrome since everyone is telling us to not have kids. Final thoughts So my final thought is this: if you are depressed you cannot sit alone and wallow, people cannot help you if you don't ask for help. Also if you could afford to have a child and could provide it with a home you are happy with, just go ahead and have a kid, this idea that we need to wait is literally killing people and our economic pyramid is fucked by the fact that none of us are having kids.
  17. hes doing it to everyone including me, i think he is just trying to get the postcount requirements for the market, albeit spamming to do so
  18. idk if i disconnected or what but it seems like when i ran it today it didnt turn in any fruit and didnt get any xp except for planting them, i know this isnt very helpful but i wasnt there to witness what went wrong, but i ran it for about an hour and it had only gained about 5k xp and no points?
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