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  1. Waiting patiently
  2. just started the script back up, was going to ask does this new update support the farmers outfit when depositing?
  3. me patiently waiting on the repo to start working again,
  4. Can confirm I also had lots of trouble running this script a couple months ago. It really needs an update bad.
  5. RIP, thanks for trying tho
  6. If you go straight back to botting it is likely you will be banned again, however i am botting on an account with 2 expired bot busting moderates, so if you let them expire i think it will reset the heat on the account. just lay low on that account until the ban expires then start again.
  7. @Encoded from today's update. Pls update to support thx.
  8. Hey i am using this on one of my alts and i was at phails, do you think you could make it click on the logs then phails directly? when it is in resizable mode it doesn't need to use the minimap to run over to him first, you could just use the logs on him from the portal. thx
  9. does this support equipping the farming outfit before it deposits the fruit? it is a noticeable difference when you're depositing so many fruits but otherwise graceful during the planting stages is obv better.
  10. Led Zeppelin

    YE BOI

    didnt jimsky quit ?
  11. if it is osbuddy hook to the osbuddy.exe x64 version, if it is runelite hook to the universal version .jar
  12. Because those people are faggots and the only meat they can eat is human cock 8 times a day.
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