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  1. At very least the ability to just dismantle items for you but would also like it to include: It needs to be able to: Dismantle items Discover new inventions with the least amount of inspiration Discover new augmentations Manufacture new inventions Manufacture augmentations Add gizmos and augmentations to weapons (optionally: remove augmentations from gizmos) Detect when it has run out of the required materials and searches for them in bank and dismantles them when available A queuing system for when the script runs out of precursor materials for a specific task any form of decent anti-pattern integration Accurate statistics on the paint more as more content gets released officially If you need more information about Invention the wikia articlehas a large amount of starting info to go from. Please and thanks.
  2. afaik Usa's scripts are not usually lifetime.
  3. Well Trilez is user 1
  4. i dont think there is anything faster than iron in f2p
  5. Just for the record if you verify your paypal with the site you can use it to purchase credits.
  6. Sounds more like a virus
  7. Thanks for the info, I think i will look into some stuff first before I decide weather or not to purchase VIP-E
  8. I have been away for several months and I recently came back and I have been hearing a lot about this looking glass update but really don't know what it means. Can someone explain or link me to a post about it? and how to use it? Thanks
  9. Dat avatar. To the adblock list...
  10. nice vps lol
  11. ban wave
  12. I dont think there is anything to do
  13. Yes, it wont run enough soon enough or wont run far enough away. The river troll doesn't run away soon enough and doesn't run far enough away for the evil chicken.