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  1. Led Zeppelin

    Led's botting progress.

    Just as a way to prevent jagex or player mods from being able to potentially triangulate my account via my progress reports I will be posting rough updates (what levels i am around) and not the actual levels or the proggies. In the motherlode mine i have accomplished 75~ and gotten the full set, up to the second floor and the coal bag with loads of ores that need to be used up. I have accomplished around almost 90 fishing barby fishing and along with it close to 70 agility, i have run aAgility some and have about 4/5 pieces of the marks of grace but i have been avoiding the seers village course cause it seems more likely to get me reported and banned. I also have gotten to almost 75 woodcutting in the woodcutting guild. I have been botting other things off and on but these are my main accomplishments.
  2. Led Zeppelin

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    Thank you. If you have anything to add just let me know
  3. nice job, keep it up!
  4. Led Zeppelin

    I drew a digital rendering of my bunny with Apple Pencil

    We have loads of pets, 7 rabbits, 6 ducks about 10 cats and 4 dogs.
  5. Led Zeppelin

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    updated the main thread to make it easier to see the highlighted text on the default theme
  6. Led Zeppelin

    I drew a digital rendering of my bunny with Apple Pencil

    Ahaha that's cute! My buns also like bananas
  7. Led Zeppelin

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    Will update it when back at pc didn't think about it as I use the dark theme!
  8. Led Zeppelin

    I drew a digital rendering of my bunny with Apple Pencil

    This is so cute! https://www.instagram.com/p/BkIXCdBAlBJ/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  9. Led Zeppelin

    I drew a digital rendering of my bunny with Apple Pencil

    if you want to see my bunnies i am funhammy on reddit and imgur: https://imgur.com/user/Funhammy/submitted
  10. Around the forums you may see the phrase "bot smart," this is a guide with various steps for you to follow while botting to reduce the chances of a ban. It should be said, botting is against the rules and by doing so there will always be a risk involved. These tips are not intended to be used with goldfarming setups or accounts, most of this is speculation based on my own personal testing and data gathering. Botting Rules (If you intend to bot smart) You must follow these steps, else you will not bot smart. Do not bot on an account you can not stand to lose. Botting is inherently risky and a ban is always going to be possible. You must decide whether what you stand to gain from botting is worth the risk. Only you can make this decision. Do not bot on fresh accounts. A fresh account refers to any newly registered account, or any old account which has not been played regularly in recent times. Fresh accounts are watched much more closely, likely as they pose more of a risk to the economy as they are used for gold farming a lot. Hand train the first 300~ levels and do some quests! Botting should supplement your game play. Botting is no longer supposed to get you from 1-99 Agility, running a bot this long will just about guarantee a ban. You must switch up what and where you are botting and don't bot the same skill for multiple hours. You should play legit, its easier to determine a human than a bot. As supplementary info to the above: you should play legit, Jagex knows when accounts are 90%+ botted and will permaban these accounts without a warning ban, if you play legit some then often your bans will only be 48 hour temp bans. Like I said why are you playing RuneScape if you're not here to actually play it? Understand the ban routine, and what it really means. When your account gets banned, it does not mean you just got caught and banned. It really means they caught you at some point, likely within the past 7 days, and waited some time to collect more data (such as how your character acts) which could help them detect other bots in the future. Do not bot on an account coming off a temporary ban or it will be permanent next time. Join in on chats going on around you. If you're at your PC while botting (maybe you're doing some work) then you can participate in clan discussions, and respond to people ingame. An account that randomly talks whilst botting is still less likely to get permabanned than if you never interact at all. Also enable Auto-Responder in TRiBot settings and it will respond to level inquiries, etc. Don't always pick the optimal spots. Are you woodcutting? Perhaps doing it at Draynor village with 20 other people isn't the best place. Assuming 15 of those other people are bots, the 5 legitimate people will get very annoyed and report all of you for slowing their XP down. You should pick a spot where your XP might be slower, or the bank might be a little further, but you have less people around to worry about. Do not use RSBot/Epicbot ever! Jacmob and Mod MMG specifically stated that their botwatch system is specifically tailored to RSBot and Epicbot which are both based on old RSBot 4 code, most of their interactions or hooks are outdated and they don't have any active API work being done. In short: it is much more easy to get caught botting using RSBot and Epicbot. Miscellaneous Rules Here are some further tips: Never post your RSN on a botting website. Jagex Staff and Player Mods will frequent these boards and have been known to ban people if they have sufficient proof. If you've just had a 2 day ban, the next one will be permanent. AND your account will be watched closer. You should not continue botting this account. If you're botting on a VPS you should use a VPN. No one is playing on a VPS legitimately, and it's not hard to figure this out from the IP alone. Providing you're not on a Windows VPS your operating system should not be too much of a giveaway. However, the fact you're playing on a machine without a monitor attached is probably not hard for them to notice either. Do not click Runescape links on forums. When you click a link it will send data of the page you came from, also known as tracker cookies. Banned? Clean yourself off Got banned? Clean yourself off before you continue. What we mean by this is, you need to wipe down anything that Jagex may use to associate your new account with your previous one. However, this is speculation and may not help. Clear your Jagex Cache ( support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/205842582-How-to-clear-your-RuneScape-Cache-on-a-Windows-PC ) You can clear browser cookies and attempt to acquire a new IP address but these likely won't help unless goldfarming.
  11. Led Zeppelin

    Optimus Combat & Magic V2

  12. Led Zeppelin

    [I][FREE] Taking Script Requests

    I bet you kill the Institute and side with the brotherhood of steel.