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  1. so everytime i use one of my cards it says "Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent." i understand if it was one of my cards you know but all of them after a single use theres no email from my bank saying anything about fraudulance its coming from this system how do i fix???
  2. i been trying to purchase credits but it keeps saying something about my account being fraudulant, and i already cleared everything up with my bank as they send me notifications if something looks fishy so now it wont let me at all helpppp
  3. Cant get dds to spec all 100% and switch back to primary weapon will spec once and use dds instead of switching back
  4. So i downloaded tribot, logged in, and as its starting loader, a error pops up saying theres "no java runetime present, requesting install" and i already have java even redownloaded it and verified and still nothing? im on my mac book pro if that makes a difference
  5. keeps failing to open gui now, so script isnt working for me atm but cant find the screeeny, went like 60+hrs on no breaks, got me from like 79-91 str other then gui not opening for me atm great script
  6. Fix the Breaking axe issue other then that script is good so far, just waiting too see if you hack or not.
  7. sooo the bot ran for 4hrs 43 minutes and 14 seconds, but for some reason the bot decides to log out Login Bot Started. Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot failed. Runetime: 04hrs 43mins 14 secs total xp gained 305700 0 229 0 76 0 0 305 True Script Ended: Tri Experiment Fighter. this has happened twice now, how come?
  8. also can you possibly add something to detect when to pot again? i like to keep it 5-7 levels before i reach my original stat so it goes faster.
  9. Just a little thing, i use a dds, 12 super str and 12 super attack potions ad 3 lobs just incase, but when it pots at start it just pots super attack and ignores strength till it needs to pot again then it pots str, then when i look a half hour later its all uneven
  10. Also speed is down to 66-68k xp/hr and alchs an hour is at 900-1k
  11. its been running good but seems to log out randomly. "Login bot started.. Login bot:Login... Login bot:Login... Login bot:Login... Login Bot Failed. Script Ended:BrHeatedAlchemyPro."
  12. alrighty, ima buy another 20k natures let it run 10k see if i wake up and their almost done will let you know tomorrow. night.