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  1. It seems like every other account the script generates it will log-out immediately and then move onto the next one. The data for the account IS recorded in the notepad although the account had never finished tutorial. The accounts also look like a bot when you log-in because the script will log out before creating the character. This is probably an easy bug to fix. But a TEMP fix would be to only record accounts to note-pad once tutorial island is 100% completed. And he's not going to make it premium i already suggested that dunno why not tho. Edit: forgot to mention, I also get stuck at the wind-strike on chickens occasionally too, its about 1/5 times it messes up and it will not continue until I manually move the bot closer to the gate.
  2. Yeah got stuck @ chickens 4/4 times after today's update
  3. If you'r logged into Tribot using a proxy, will the account creator create the account through the proxy like padlock's used to or does it just use my main IP?
  4. I had to run to dinner and I came back to all 30 accounts made. I'm truly impressed good job ... I'll keep a close eye out for the chicken bug again when I make more accounts tomorrow. Thanks for this awesome accounts generator http://puu.sh/cuxzT/0a7c942599.png
  5. The account creator is working great. whatever you did since the last update fixed it . On a side note, the bot still gets stuck on the last step of tutorial since the last update. it fails to do windstrike on the chicken, keeps continuously clicking in the spot it's suppose to stand but will not select the spell. Thanks a shit ton for still working on this script it really is a life-saver (in terms of botting). If there is anything I can do to help you out please let me know. P.S. I think this script should be premium
  6. This is very true, I wish you guys would keep up you'r scripts even if there not 100%. With a combo of padlock's and extutorial I would be able to manage to get my farm up and running. But without access to either of these I can't really do a damn thing
  7. There must have been a maintance error on jagex's side. Anyway; i got the account creator to work. It made me one account and then got blocked ateempting to make the second account, which seems strange to me since Padlock's account creator would make me over 100 accounts before getting this error. Why do you think you can only make 1 account with yours before getting the locked because too many accounts were created message??
  8. I havn't created a single account today, and this is what happens when i click on that link: http://puu.sh/crnWD/ffc4e3002c.png
  9. http://puu.sh/crmfg/fd54482380.jpg what am i doing wrong? can't get it to start on the account creator (Yes I did use that start command argument from the first page)
  10. Please make it more user friendly then. I've never had this many issues setting up a script, and the problem is once it is set up it will run for 1 hr and then get stuck. So i don't think i'm setting it up wrong I think it's just not stable. The path system itself, I cannot seem to get it to work no matter what I choose. The web walking, or tile for tile...
  11. Awesome! thanks for the quick and prompt response, i look forward to giving it another try soon! Good to see constant updates for this Edit: another concern of mine is getting the Sigma Server to run on 5 different computers, I am not familiar with port forwarding.
  12. I use outlook/hotmail. They don't require a phone number, just a first and last name. BTW you don't really have to register accounts in runescape unless you'r renewing the membership after the first 14 days and if you'r bots are lasting that long you'r doing a better job than most of us at goldfarming
  13. The pathing don't work. which is described as flawless. Plus i'm not botting over night, just a couple of hours.
  14. 250 hrs is INSANE. You got 168 hrs to the week, and the chances are small bugs will occur at the beginning of the new week ( after rs updates), I still can't beleive a 250 hr progress repoort actually happened.
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