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  1. is it best to use the 3m gp to invest or to buy a bond with a total bank of 6m please respond.
  2. i found the issue. search is nice.
  3. i just purchased a script with 1 instance and i was running it then it crashed so i ended the tribot application from task manager and opened a new one. im now being told i cant run my scirpt! "the maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. cannot run script" plese help! i tried restarting my computer! the account it was logged onto has been logged out. no idea what to do. thanks!!
  4. do you think a 2-300$ investment in a private script will end up paying for itself?
  5. what have you guys experienced the lowest ban rates with for anything that makes decent gp (100k+/hr) i haven't had luck with hunter or fishing i've also heard runecrafting is very high ban rate. what do you use to make your gp?
  6. Hello fellow botters, last night i for the first time ran 5 bots at once off one ip, no socks no proxies. About 20 minuites in to adding 2 more accounts to the already 3 running 1 of the new ones i added along with 2 of the old ones running got banned at the EXACT same time. No accounts were doing the same thing, or on the same world. Any tips? the only thing in common is i ran AutoFisherPro on all of those accounts for various times from 30+hours in past week to 2 hours total. Not sure if that is what caused my ban using the script or having so many logins on same ip. Any tips for botting 3+ accounts on one pc? THANKS!
  7. where is the best place to use this training levels 70+
  8. LMFAO " IN OUR CITY DRUGS AND ALCHOL IS ILLEGAL" ahahah where the fuck are drugs not illegal? you have the audacity to call others ignorant? LMAO XD. Regardless of where you are, if you hand money to a (homeless) drug addict, they will use the money on drugs 10/10 times. Now i am defiantly not saying all homeless are drug addicts, but i do know for a fact that your "city" has some, especially among the homeless. So back to main topic, keep your money for yourself or donate to one of the VERY VERY VERY few charities/organizations that donate 95+% of money received.
  9. love it when scripters are inactive and you cant purchase half the scripts on the market bc people say they are broken. this is just another. for now atleast.
  10. thinking very much about purchasing this, was wondering what gp/hour rates your getting this week, thank you very much
  11. what is the diffrence in 10$ and 20$ versions?
  12. i DID NOT select "ignore low hp" and i pulled up screen to see my player running around draynor, when that was most defiantly no where i was. lost dboots + fury if only it could pick up on the bank 50 squares away......
  13. im now @ other world'ly beings, at the place unlocked by lost city. there is a fair banker very close but the script cant seem to find her. any way you could add? also the bones looting thing was @ hill giants