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  1. Great release, Deluxes! A solid contribution to the forums.
  2. Try using an interface explorer JJ's Mute's TacoManStan's Each should have similar function, and help you find the components you're looking for.
  3. Please keep all replies on the topic of OP's farm, and not "methods". Thanks.
  4. Shift & Right Click on the directory containing TRiBot_Loader.jar -> Open Command Prompt Here Type the following: java -jar TRiBot_Loader.jar pause Press enter, if there's any debug post it here.
  5. Quickrsgp isn't anything I have control over, but I've never had any issue with them and it's run by a reputable premium scripter, and Mod, Erickho. I'm confident he didn't hack you, either. Generally, it's a bad idea to use the same password on more then one site. There seem to be several similar threads you may be interested in.
  6. No, you didn't. There are limitations on what scripters can do, all scripts uploaded to the repo are checked for malicious code. Have you tried recovering the account?
  7. What's the HP level?
  8. The easiest thing to do here would be contact whoever's script you bought and politely plead your case.
  9. With that being the case, I will make sure TRiLeZ knows about the looking glass issues. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention, we will post in the client bugs thread regarding the LG issue for anything further regarding it.
  10. If there are bugs with the client, submit any relevant info to the Client Bugs section. However, taking a quick look it seems one user was able to solve their LG issues, so you may be able to work around this replicating their steps. TRiLeZ works on the bot incessantly, and indeed obviously has interest in fixing the client.
  11. Following up on the "TRiBot Release 9.303_5" post by TRiLeZ, we intend to extend the VIP/VIP-E of all users while the combat hooks were being worked on. If you are a user who had VIP/VIP-E during the past two weeks, and your subscription is still running, you should have received your extension. If you are a user who had VIP/VIP-E, and your subscription has run out, please post a reply to this thread, and myself or another staff member will PM you a few questions and make sure you are properly credited. Unfortunately, this processes is not automatic, but we appreciate your patience as we work to do right by you. Regards, Staff team
  12. The majority of VPS or dedi servers you buy from a result on google will be either managed, or unmanaged. Managed means the company may be able to help you and provide additional support (such as with installing specific programs). Unmanaged means they expect the purchaser to know what they're doing, and do not provide additional support. Most providers on here will usually include a way to install java/tribot, etc automatically, or with a linux script. If you aren't using a provider here, you may want to look for a guide, or considering paying someone to set it up to your liking (if that's a thing?). Guides should generally be able to help you, and I see iFluffee's quoted a lot.
  13. @Phat Shock Generally a dedicated server is a single fully built computer offered for rent by a company. This means you control all resources offered by the machine. The full extent of the components is yours. VPS are generally instances run off a dedicated server, and sold to multiple people who share the physical resources. In terms of Windows vs Linux, Linux is better simply because it's lighter on the resources then Windows, so you aren't spending as much running the actual operating system. Windows is generally seen as much more user friendly though, so if you've never touched Linux, that may be better for you. Servers may be cheaper then buying multiple VPS, but it really depends where you look. I don't have any sources to offer, though.