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  1. I am partnered with @Frostt in this service.
  2. @Montreal Personally, I'd support a market ban. You already gave him a second chance - that's more then most users get, and it was ignored.
  3. It may be suspicious to you, but it's not conclusive. That's the issue. @leoshiro I'm assuming nothing was taken during the teamviewer breach, correct? If it was, and you had pictures, that'd be a good start.
  4. I don't know how you're going to prove it - that's your job in a dispute. What you've provided doesn't prove affirmatively that Deluxe hacked you, so I can't take action.
  5. I see nothing conclusive here, for your case against Deluxes, unfortunately. Teamviewer has a history of being insecure, and I'd recommend doing the following: Disabling it from starting when your computer turns on, Turning OFF personal passwords, Only using it when necessary. Leaving this open so you have a chance to respond, @leoshiro .
  6. Great release, Deluxes! A solid contribution to the forums.
  7. Try using an interface explorer JJ's Mute's TacoManStan's Each should have similar function, and help you find the components you're looking for.
  8. Please keep all replies on the topic of OP's farm, and not "methods". Thanks.
  9. Closed.
  10. Shift & Right Click on the directory containing TRiBot_Loader.jar -> Open Command Prompt Here Type the following: java -jar TRiBot_Loader.jar pause Press enter, if there's any debug post it here.
  11. Closed.
  12. Quickrsgp isn't anything I have control over, but I've never had any issue with them and it's run by a reputable premium scripter, and Mod, Erickho. I'm confident he didn't hack you, either. Generally, it's a bad idea to use the same password on more then one site. There seem to be several similar threads you may be interested in.
  13. No, you didn't. There are limitations on what scripters can do, all scripts uploaded to the repo are checked for malicious code. Have you tried recovering the account?
  14. What's the HP level?