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  1. Crimson

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all.
  2. Crimson

    Scammed 48 USD by Aribagold

    Dispute complete.
  3. Crimson

    Scammed 48 USD by Aribagold

    The sythe report is solid, and the evidence presented by eilif is damning. In closing, @PlanetsGold has been banned for scamming @eilif Everyone who decided to post on this thread has been infracted. Do not post in disputes.
  4. Crimson

    Hacked within a week of using Tribot

    Moved to discussions & debates from bot help.
  5. Crimson

    Long time lurker....

    Hello. There are a few lurkers here.
  6. Crimson

    Ban this scammer.

    Dispute complete.
  7. Crimson

    Ban this scammer.

    Banned. Alt account @ranepurekoo also banned. User is a known sythe vader. Which I found from googling his username. Sorry for your loss @godspower33
  8. Crimson


    I wrote a script to do this a few years ago. It's poorly coded, and may not work, but it's worth a shot! Sounds like what you're looking for.
  9. Salutations Remember to take advantage of the bonus...
  10. Respect the innovation, I am very interested in what this vs. ABC2 will look like in implementation. Good luck!
  11. Hello, i wanna buy Vip but i dont have a credit card.

    is there an option to pay with bank transfer or paypal?

    Greetz Rick

    1. Crimson


      Take a look at our secondary sellers. You'll find a variety of payment methods. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/263-selling/

  12. Crimson

    I cant get any paid scripts to work at all!

    Try again in "fixed" mode, instead of "resizeable". Removed your extra thread, keep to this one.
  13. Crimson


    You may be looking for our script dispute section. Please be sure to read all stickies before posting. As always, it is preferable to work with the script author to resolve the issue as amicably as possible.
  14. Crimson

    Update to Two-Factor Authentication

    @Dukat I believe that only staff were forced to setup 2fa, based on the lack of complaints. I got the same thing personally. Disclaimer; I could be completely off.
  15. Hello Crimson, I came across a gif you made detailing how to use script arguments for the Script Queue feature. When using the Script Queue feature, should your max time consider break profile one chose? Thanks.

    1. themanman


      Max Runtime*


      And one more thing I forgot to ask: should I set my break profile to "Once" or "Repeat"?

    2. Crimson


      I believe it does consider your break profile. If you want the break profile to repeat, use the repeat option. If only once, then select once.

    3. themanman


      Alright, thank you :)