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  1. You have not shown Ratify on Worthy's discord is the same person as user @zygrs1993 on tribot. How have you concluded it is @zygrs1993?
  2. Hey @Di_k He_d, I will allow you to keep the source code posted, but I've removed the pre-compiled .exe. Hope you understand some users are highly suspect of .exe files, even if your download isn't malicious. Thanks for the contribution.
  3. The sythe report is solid, and the evidence presented by eilif is damning. In closing, @PlanetsGold has been banned for scamming @eilif Everyone who decided to post on this thread has been infracted. Do not post in disputes.
  4. Hello. There are a few lurkers here.
  5. Banned. Alt account @ranepurekoo also banned. User is a known sythe vader. Which I found from googling his username. Sorry for your loss @godspower33
  6. The OP is not selling accounts, but is using a loophole to offer membership this cheaply. Staff are discussing whether or not to ban these services outright, as there's no precedent. We will conclude shortly. For now, if you purchase this or any other services utilizing such a loophole, consider that Jagex could absolutely take action against your accounts.
  7. Crimson


    I wrote a script to do this a few years ago. It's poorly coded, and may not work, but it's worth a shot! Sounds like what you're looking for.
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