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  1. Yeah I did about 20 or so hours lmao. Next time I'm going to try 10 to 12 hrs everyday. Have to find that sweet spot.
  2. Yeah I think at my custom spot I was getting near that. Copped a ban though, I think I just let it bot for too long, leveling some new accs up atm to do more testing or just got badluck and had a few reports, not sure.
  3. Yeah, it's for sure a point of weakness. It really gives bots that robot like feel of walk to place, stop, start action, stop. A lot of the time the bots just act in hugely unnatural ways.
  4. Yeah, acc has 5 agil Lmao. I'll try set it to use Stam earlier. Have you tried doing 5 rocks at all? I can do 4 smooth as
  5. Big ups for this script, rather fast reaction times and a few features which if used correctly will reduce ban rate a lot.
  6. Msg you on discord about the custom rocks selection not working. I select the bank, middle mouse a rock and it doesn't record anything no matter which I click, how often I click etc.
  7. Um, hadn't seen a proggy of 2.2k ess, that's not bad. I think I hit maybe 3k ess being sweaty af (1 tick banking etc).
  8. My example in first post was about RC, I can do double what most do. However the point is less about that, and more about how bots just stand out so easy by their predictable slow movement. It feels like often after certain actions the bot will hang for a bit and wait before doing the next logical step. Imo a fatigue system with initially starting efficient then slowing down as hours go down would be more predictable.
  9. I'm not saying faster than a human, just maybe 75% of the speed of a fairly focused human. Atm I would say 35 to 50% of anyone half decent is how most scripts perform.
  10. As per title, I've got 400m exp on my main zero all legit. Watching any and all scripts the difference between the play is absurd. The bot acts and reacts extremely slowly (which to a human seeing a bot with a 99 or something would ring bells if they're still awful at said skill). For example I was checking how many eas per hour abyss Nat scripts use and they are at minimum 2x slower than when I do relaxed non sweaty Nats and often 2.5x slower. Just watching bots they always act.. Dumb? For lack of a better term. So yeah, possible? Do you think it would be a decent option for scripts to work at a faster rate to mimic the ability of maybe the 70 to 80th percentile of players?
  11. It's not about it being as good - it's about being *different*. Using a public bot you will show the same or similar pattern as others using the bot. If you have a private script and it's coded to act differently enough to be distinct from the pattern of public bots then you have much less chance of getting taken out by a mass ban - as the vast majority of users with public will create enough noise that you will slip unnoticed. If you ever stand at Zulrah and look out for accs with like 20-30+ magic exp, 99 def - I'm fairly sure that's a private script since they reach absurd magic levels before copping bans.
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