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  1. Loving Version 3. To be honest I don't even have any errors at all with it. I run it between 5-12 hours a day (maybe a day off here or there). Getting about 52k/hr at Ardy which is really really nice for a bot! Almost 95 , hoping to get to 99!
  2. Thanks for the tip, yeah I'll do that before every session :)!
  3. On the road from 90 to 99. Any tips for ardy? Was thinking 8 to 12 hour days with maybe a 4 or 5 hr day twice a week/day off on Monday kind of thing. Gonna record a good 30 min ardy sample to add my own pattern to it! Any help appreciated greatly - really wanna make it across the line!
  4. You are correct Naton - I swear I selected the spell correctly in the UI, but clearly I didn't. I apologise for wasting your time. Thank you for the great script once again
  5. I've just restarted the script with the following selected (fairly sure I did this before) Will let you know what happens
  6. Ok so, first of all - thank you so much for releasing such a quality script for free. Much love <3. I have an issue with the way I train magic in NMZ and the bot. So I get to 61 magic, then use overloads to boost to 75 magic and cast Fire Wave (The blood rune one). Doing this on the bot, when the initial overload runs out the Fire Wave will be unselected and it'll just staff wack. Could you add a check for if a user was using magic, then after overload starts staff wacking to reapply the magic spell selected in the initial setup UI? (Both for defensive casting and normal would be lovely)! I really hope that doesn't come off as demanding or anything like that, entirely not my point. Thanks a lot!
  7. Had much more luck with V3 tonight. Did a bit of data recording (god damn that system is amazing, btw) at seers and it ran great for a few hours, will keep an eye out for error I had earlier over the next few days. Here's coming 99 hopefully!
  8. Beautiful, well priced I think considering the prices we tend to give per account to questers. Will be a purchasers in the future All the best with sales.
  9. V3 keeps giving me Nullpointer errors whenever I try and turn it on. Have tried both Falador (which will work for 30mins-1hr then randomly stop) and Al Kaharid which just won't work at all. Is there any info I could provide which would help you diagnose the issues Aro?
  10. I love you more than life itself.
  11. Welp, may have to give v3 a go myself haha
  12. Hi, I noticed the v3 stuff, so I was wondering if there was a post that had been made which outlined the goals/improvements that are being aimed for in v3? Just really curious as this is my fav script by far. Thanks! Edit: I'm an idiot, of course it's on the first page. Disregard haha.
  13. Private area hunter OP to bot, no one talks there anyways and no one crashes.
  14. Go feed some Venezuelans, they always did my Zul acc questing for cheap!
  15. I hope your guide included having all your impressive items in your inventory. My guideline is a minimum of 6 pets, 3 good 99s (ideally a max inferno cape) and a scythe - you win half your duels in intimidating your opponent with how big your rs-dick is.
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