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  1. hehegurl

    NMZ Bots - Which do you prefer and how are bans?

    Yeah, I used to make Zulrah accounts and would put in 12-14 hours a day trainning magic and range, but then the script I was using started to get hit with constant bans even for much shorter sessions. I might suss a new character and give it a go there to check if I can bot like I used to! Thanks dude
  2. hehegurl

    NMZ Bots - Which do you prefer and how are bans?

    Cheers man, what kind of hours were you putting in? Using breaks at all?
  3. Hey guys, Used to be a heavy user of another sites NMZ script, however, a few months ago Jagex really came down hard on NMZ - have taken a break from the game and am looking at coming back and restarting my old gig of botting accounts (used to be Zulrah accs) and selling them. I've decided to stick with tribot since my experience with a few other scripts has always been a quality one. So, I'm wondering firstly which NMZ you think is best? I see a few options including a free one which seems to have good feedback.. And also, is botting 12 hrs+ a day at NMZ still possible to do like it was a few months back? Appreciate any help! Cheers
  4. Are rune/Addy dragons supported? Happy to provide an account for their addition (mapping the dungeon etc). If you haven't farmed them much then as a brief explanation they are usually killed by using the digsite pendants to teleport to their dungeon and then entering the respective areas. Usually kill 5 to 6 a trip then bank, return with digsite pendent teleport. Like I said, more than happy to lend an account and discuss how they work - throw me a DM if you're interested. Would love it as a feature haha.
  5. Support for rune dragons with digsite amulet?
  6. hehegurl

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Ah ok, no worries. It's still a great script and I can't imagine a ban ever happening as long as one bots using normal safe practices. Will be purchasing in a few days. <3
  7. hehegurl

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Great script, just testing the trial right now - few things to make it look more legit - Anticipatory hover over water can for next thing to water, could even have it click the can and hover the next plant. It does this sometimes but not consistently, if someone is experienced in tithe they will always have the can clicked and hovering the next plant. - When moving between patches it would be more legit if it could just click the watering can and then the plant to move (by this I mean when its moving between the actual dirt areas, currently it just clicks to the next area and then does then starts up again - fairly obvious pattern if jagex paid attention to ths. - I think it could quite easily do 20x5 with the speed it has, I only go a little bit faster than the script and get 20 rather easily, with proper anticipatory hovering and clicking I reckon it would be possible (I do have quite good internet though). Also I really like how you are quick to fix/respond to users suggestions. Likely will be purchasing.\ Cheers
  8. Does this do rock crabs? Thanks