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  1. It's always great to have a lot of gp on 07 scape though. For pking use, idk if you pk, but I definately love it. Though it is a good idea, what are you gonna do after you achieve all your goals? Quit? Sell your money? So thats were this road ends eh.
  2. Trilez is currently looking for a solution to this. I myself am pretty pissed that I am not able to use these services, but oh well. Guess im gonna quest or use "osbot" till the automated VIP service is back.
  3. Very good man! keep up the good work! Have fun botting for the next 50 or so hours haha
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nevermind. Got unbanned.
  5. I know. Thanks for posting that. Updating the thread immediately
  6. So yeah guys, I've always wondered, what does tribot in litemode do?
  7. I tried this :/ I honestly hate failing fight caves because you loose like 300k on supplies each time you fail :/ Thats why I'd rather pay 1M for someone to do it, and 300k for the supplies. That way, I save time and money
  8. Exactly, you did a great job, now time to not stay a skinny cunt and get ripped as fuck bro! Goodluck and keep on doing what you're doing
  9. it keeps moving the camera like a crazy mother fucker lol. Not the best script, but definately better than the others
  10. Playerauctions do not offer paypal as a payment service for that specific reason m8.
  11. I must say you are pretty lucky. For now, some may not be as helpful. Jagex's bot detection system isn't up to par, or is hardly existent atm on the 07 servers. You'll find these tips more useful as they implement more and more detection systems. TBH, if you were to do 27 hours on the EOC atm with its current bot detection systems, you'd be banned when you wake up in the morning.
  12. Guys there are other range guild scripts for now. https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5044 Thanks me later.
  13. Great guide my friend! more people should look into this. I myself have yet to do it, pretty lazy. Happy Botting -Tony
  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i laughed in real life. PS. 5 hours on 1 body part, and you'll witness your muscles shrink before your eyes. On topic, Only pre-workout I need is a high carb meal
  15. running as in crafting yourself, or trading the player 26 unnoted pure essence for 26 noted ess and 24 natures?