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  1. Hey fellas, I hope you're doing we'll. I'm asking for some advice and a bit of explanation as I know jack-s*** on working out unlike you folks. Could someone please take a moment of their time to answer some of my questions: 1. Do we have to take supplements after a work-out? 2. How many days a week do you normally hit the gym? 3. Do you involve your Cardio within your weight training day or have a full on Cardio day? What would work best? I'm just about to hit 15 I'm 6'2 and I weigh approximately 185 pounds. I'm really looking Into working out to pack on more muscle. Thanks a lot for reading this, I'd really like to hear your input. Uncle Sam
  2. Great video, thanks for posting man.
  3. Will do, thanks for the offer mate. Appreciated buddy.
  4. Hey fellas, I'm Sam and I'm from the United States. I heard about this website from a different community and it seems pretty promising. I'll hopefully be started a business in the near future, mainly in the Gold Exchange sector of the market but we'll see. Anyway, feel free to say hey. Uncle Sam