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  1. I haven't coded a script for tribot, but check for sandy rocks surrounding player, the aggro crabs ID's are one less than the non aggro rocks. If there aren't any rocks or crabs, wait, if rocks then reaggro Forgive me if this isn't helpful and you were looking for actual code, can't really help you there
  2. For the aggro reset, does it specifically walk to that tile, or does it have a variance of past that tile?
  3. Payment option #3 https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1362
  4. I feel a little dumb now, didn't realize clicking on the orb did that.
  5. Question, does the script only highlight hp when venomed/poisoned? I figured it would highlight the antivenom, but it doesn't seem to. Just a slight annoyance
  6. Considering it doesn't do anything other than highlight things for you, I'ma take a wild guess and say 0. So depends on if the client is detected/actively banned for, or if you're using lg
  7. I ordered extended VIP two days ago and still haven't been upgraded yet. I messaged you on skype but you seemed to have ignored my pm.. :x
  8. More advanced paint editor. I noticed that once you create a paint option you can't delete it. <- I don't have the ability to check, but I don't think I was able to use custom text when updating a custom paint option. (Like a location) Again, I'm not positive as I'm at school and I don't have the ability to check, so don't quote me on that. Another is inline code editing. I tend to missclick or messup and I have to completely remove that line and redo it. This becomes extremely tedious and annoying when working with a statement that contains multiple conditions. - If I accidently right click/click on the code while in a multiple condition statement that isn't complete, the box saying that I have to finish my condition pops up and I have to click "Ok" about 10 times. <- Possibly let me right click and remove if I mess up instead of having to go and add an action? It doesn't have to be added, but it's just annoying at times. I'll be back with more, the more I work with the script :-)
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