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  1. plore1

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Pretty annoying keeps selecting w392.. u would think if i manualy select a world it would just run normaly but instead it just logs off
  2. Script just stays at generating email/password/display when i start it..
  3. Cannon still doesnt work btw, it does work on tri aio combat and magic, so maybe ask him for help to fix it?
  4. Does this script support blowpipe recharging? looking to bot my 15 pray pure here in the fastest way possible. So darts+scales.
  5. plore1

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Hey, what happens if i put 'best for my lvl' but dont have priest in peril completed for example?
  6. ''main'' which i previously maxed (botted) at nmz, i did about 10k black chins and rest red chins.
  7. Got 99 hunter with this script in under in a week, including a 56hour proggy (86k exp an hour) which i only had to stop because i was running somewhat low on boxes. Very nice script, second time i botted 99 hunter, last time was in 2011 ! 90m made now, 35m back then
  8. Theres a bug, after awhile (sometimes 2hrs, sometimes 30min) it stands at the portal and doesnt move and the screen is all the way turned (like if u press bottom arrowkey and keep it there) and it doesnt do anything.. why isn't there a failsafe or something? so when it stands still for 2long it changes the screen or something?
  9. My fav script on tribot forsure.. had good proggies and wanted to get a 'max' proggy for the frontpage of this topic .. until pretty sad, put it on about 2hours after yesterday's system update
  10. Hi, im looking for a mtd hard host here, so obviously someone who bots 24/7 (almost) pm your host (and what w) and i will always use u ! first come first serve.. looking for 24/7.
  11. Make it less shit? i used this script a few months ago and it worked fine, shouldnt be that hard to make it like a few months ago:D