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  1. Needs some kind of anti-ban, camera just stays still, walks kinda silly too effecting the efficientcy
  2. Left this bot alone for 15 minutes and my guy was dead relooping the abyss looking for my stuff :/
  3. 31k ea pm on forum 28kea for all Sold
  4. Title says it all, PM me on here .
  5. Good script ! It is flawless, ends right after your out of food so I couldn't screen shot it but got 1-53 cooking already on main so I took breaks.
  6. There is $10 credit on the card, will not go first unless trusted, or middle man involved. I'm looking for trades for 07GP or TRiBot VIP. Contact through PM or Skype @ Young_az
  7. Title says it all, I have a rune scape card with $10 credited on it. Contact me by skype @ Young_az. Will go first if trusted member, otherwise you go first or a trusted middle man.
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