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  1. still got some bonds?

  2. been selling bonds a while now 1.3-1.4 each bond pm me or add my skype live:patrickb_12 ALWAYS ASK FOR PM ! I WILL NEVER GO FIRST !!
  3. would you go first to me ? ill buy all pm if youd go first to me
  4. fuck yeah this is what im talking about finally the fight back thanks heaps!
  5. everyone settle down , i know a proxy provider and i might start reselling as cheap as roughly 1.50 per proxy and cheaper for bulks.
  6. bongsbongs

    buy 2 bonds

    add me on skype live:patrickb_12
  7. tbh i only use this just to progress to maple longs then i use a free fletcher because its like 300+ logs quicker an hr then this feel like i wasted my money on this
  8. very good would reduce alot of scams now thank you
  9. you wont get em for 900k cheapest youll find 1m each if your not buying off a rip off reseller.
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