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  1. still got some bonds?

  2. bongsbongs

    Can't run scripts?

  3. bongsbongs

    TRiBot Release 9.100_0

    fuck yeah this is what im talking about finally the fight back thanks heaps!
  4. tbh i only use this just to progress to maple longs then i use a free fletcher because its like 300+ logs quicker an hr then this feel like i wasted my money on this
  5. bongsbongs

    PayPal Blacklist

    very good would reduce alot of scams now thank you
  6. ohhh and i just made 6 combat bots today! might have to give this a go
  7. bongsbongs

    TRiBot Release 9.02_0

    it broke all the scripts trilez on the other hand great update!
  8. bongsbongs

    TRiBot Release 9.02_0

    it broke all the scripts trilez on the other hand great update!
  9. i have a problem with the fletching , it keeps saying its ran out of logs so it gets rid of fletching and i have to keep restarting every few hours or so cause of it sorry cant provide much more info
  10. bongsbongs

    TRiBot Release 9.01_0

    awesome update
  11. okay thanks for the heads up EDIT: another thing ive noticed as well sometimes at the bank it doesnt recognize its at the bank and still clicking on mini map making it keep exiting and entering the bank
  12. when has no plant cure or compost left in bank it will get stuck at bank trying to look for it for a decent amount of minutes , any way you can make it just buy the compost n plant cures from the farmers nearest 2 ?? beast script other then that its so insane for only $15
  13. bongsbongs

    Auto Tanner [Open Source]

    maybe you could make it check quicker ? cause it will misclick and get stuck for around 30 or so seconds before clicking on the minimap to the leather shop then re tries
  14. bongsbongs

    Auto Tanner [Open Source]

    keeps getting stuck north of the tanner quite often , very bot like