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  1. still got some bonds?

  2. Can't run scripts?

  3. TRiBot Release 9.100_0

    fuck yeah this is what im talking about finally the fight back thanks heaps!
  4. tbh i only use this just to progress to maple longs then i use a free fletcher because its like 300+ logs quicker an hr then this feel like i wasted my money on this
  5. PayPal Blacklist

    very good would reduce alot of scams now thank you
  6. Despicable Daves Journeys - 99 Runecrafting

    this looks interesting, ima have to follow this and see how you go good luck with 99!
  7. Careful of this or you could be hacked...

    Please note: Due to a recent bug in our offence system, some accounts may have received a void offence. The majority of void offences have been removed but we! ca! nnot ensure that all have been removed. We encourage you to visit the appeal section to appeal any unjust offences received due to system errors. we! ca!nnot? come on "jagex" we all make mistakes but come on!!
  8. ohhh and i just made 6 combat bots today! might have to give this a go
  9. RS 30 Days Membership

    noone would buy off you tbh if a mod could verify or something id buy them other then that you wont go to well.
  10. TRiBot Release 9.02_0

    it broke all the scripts trilez on the other hand great update!
  11. TRiBot Release 9.02_0

    it broke all the scripts trilez on the other hand great update!
  12. buying all maples and yew logs

    add my skype patrick.benavente ( picture of tribot symbol) im looking to get at least 10-100k a day perhaps more if i get enough buyers
  13. i have a problem with the fletching , it keeps saying its ran out of logs so it gets rid of fletching and i have to keep restarting every few hours or so cause of it sorry cant provide much more info
  14. TRiBot Release 9.01_0

    awesome update