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  1. Great script has done a lot for me, thanks! Max i have ran it for is about 3 hours back to back. I'm averaging 260 red chins an hour. I do have a slight issue though and I'm thinking it might be caused due to lag and my terrible internet connection: The bot sometimes places a trap in an unspecified location not one of the ones i have marked, i normally notice that this happens when its a little laggy. I actually like this because humans are not perfect so i call it my antiban modifier. The issue is it is seeing an empty square where I want a trap to be and it will try and place one, of course it cant because my maxed traps are placed already. It will eventually correct itself either picking up the captured chin or the failed trap and continuing on again i like that part, just not trying to place more traps then i actually can. Now just thinking out loud here i don't know the language i use C++ but I'm assuming you have the placed boxs as objects and if so you could do a return of the amount of objects before you call the place trap function and of course if the number of objects is equal to max traps for that level then it wont try and place one. Anyway all in all great script!
  2. Get a staff member for the social aspect maybe? One to control Facebook/Twitter those have been dead since January.
  3. Hey mate, had your script for a while now and love it! Seemed to be having a few issues this morning with the seers course. It didn't auto detect my food (bread but it did last night) it also cant seem to start the first obstetrical of the seers agility course just keeps clicking on the mini-map to walk to the start even when its there, and if I do the first one manually it will finish the course but seems slower then normal, I can only but assume this is because the update or something? Thanks, Mike
  4. I would like to request that this script will not world hop to a high risk pvp world (18,25,37), happened to me and lost everything not angry i understand the risks just requested suggestion
  5. Awesome, thanks for the suggestion. Going to look into it now!
  6. Hey guys so I created this little section to walk through the gate between Falador and Taverley and then carry on to were it is meant to walk to. It works (98% of the time) but sometimes gets hung up when it walks up to an open gate. It is also incredibly slow at deciding if the gate is open or closed and defiantly looks like a bot. Defiantly looking for some criticism and feedback and yeah I know someones gonna say rewrite it, more than glad to if you'd point me in a better direction. private boolean isGateOpen() { RSTile door = new RSTile(2935, 3450); RSTile step_13 = new RSTile(2886, 3397, 0); RSObject closed_door = Doors.getDoorAt(door); if (closed_door != null) { int door_id = closed_door.getID(); println(door_id); // if (door_id == DOOR_ID) { if (WebWalking.walkTo(door)) { waitTillIdle(); clickRSObject(3, door_id, "Open"); if (WebWalking.walkTo(step_13)) waitTillIdle(); return true; } } else { if (WebWalking.walkTo(step_13)) waitTillIdle(); return true; } return false; }
  7. haha yes found that one out, thanks Tri
  8. several awesome ideas. Thanks everyone.
  9. So I currently have my player attempting to pick up dragon bones and blue dragon hide after it kills a dragon but nothing else thus i want to right click instead of just clicking on the ground. Ive put the following together from the API but when it right clicks it just movies the mouse to the right the menu disappears and then it right clicks again can someone point me in the right direction please? private void pickupDrop() { RSGroundItem[] drops = GroundItems.find(dragonBones, dragonHide); while (drops.length != 0){ if(drops[0].isOnScreen()){ drops[0].hover(); if (Game.isUptext("more options")) { Mouse.click(3); if(!ChooseOption.isOpen()) { sleep(100,200); Mouse.click(3); } if(ChooseOption.isOpen()) { ChooseOption.select("Take "+drops[0].toString()); sleep(200,300); drops = GroundItems.find(dragonBones, dragonHide); }else{ Camera.turnToTile(drops[0].getPosition()); //looks for it } } } } }To anyone new to scripting I fixed my issue via the following! (also there are alot of items drop that it detects but far away from the safe spot so i used this method to not pickthem up and take me that far away from them. Its worked so far! private void pickupDrop() { RSGroundItem[] drops = GroundItems.find(dragonBones, dragonHide); while (drops.length != 0) { if (Inventory.isFull()) { goBank(); } if (Player.getPosition().distanceTo(drops[0]) < 10) { if (!drops[0].isOnScreen()) { Camera.turnToTile(drops[0].getPosition()); } println("Take " + drops[0].getDefinition().getName()); drops[0].click("Take " + drops[0].getDefinition().getName()); sleep(950); drops = GroundItems.find(dragonBones, dragonHide); } } RSTile safeSpot = new RSTile(2900, 9809, 0); WebWalking.walkTo(safeSpot); waitTillIdle(); }
  10. Ahh ok thanks. Dont remember being required to do that few years back. appriciate the help mate
  11. I followed all the tutorials I have found and have my .class file in the appdata........scripts folder. I have restarted Tribot and my computer and the script wont show up under the scripts menu. is it something i did wrong just in the start of this script? import org.tribot.api2007.Inventory;import org.tribot.api2007.Player;import org.tribot.api2007.Walking;import org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking;import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile;import org.tribot.script.Script;import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;@ScriptManifest(authors = { "BlueBeret" }, category = "Ranged", name = "BlueBeretDragonKiller")public class BlueBeretDragonKiller extends Script { private int dragonBones = 536; private int dragonHide = 1751; private int rangePotion = 2444; private int playerFood; private int teleTab = 8009; private boolean onStart(){ println ("BlueBeret's Blue Dragon Killer has started!"); return true; } @Override public void run() { if ( onStart() ){ while (true){ sleep (loop()); } } } private int loop (){ if (Inventory.isFull()){ goBank(); }else{ if (atDrags()){ }else{ println("not at drags!"); goToDrags(); } } return 42; } private boolean atDrags() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return false; } private void goToDrags() { println("heading to drags"); RSTile setp_13 = new RSTile (2866,3397,0); while (!atSafespot()){ /* * Parameters * t = destination tile * timeout = seconds you want it to timeout * range = amount of tiles before it returns */ int i = 0; int range = 3; int timeout = 400 * 10; Walking.setControlClick(true); //make sure you character runs Walking.walkPath(Walking.generateStraightPath(setp_13)); //walks a generated path println("Path has apparently been set!"); for (i = 0; i < timeout; i++) { if (Player.getPosition().distanceTo(setp_13) < range) { //checks if distance to last tile is less than 3 break; } else { sleep(100); // dynamic sleep } } } } private boolean atSafespot() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub return false; } private void goBank() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub } }
  12. Very interested in this Mute looks promising. Will be trying the trial later this afternoon and if all seems in order. Defiantly buying it.
  13. I started learning php and then worked backwards to html and then to CSS thats was one big mess don't do that, CSS is one of the most frustrating languages until you learn all of the quirks you have to do for different browsers and the properties to set to get stuff set just right. I would highly recommending learning some CSS - even from youtube vids - before starting PHP, it does not take long for one line of PHP code to mess up a design and if you dont know CSS it could leave you pretty lost.
  14. not for me. just moves the mouse around and right clicks nothing after opening the bank.