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  1. Rsbuddy exchange was down for about an hour and a bit. Looks like it's back up now. Script should be working fine again.
  2. ^ This. This is purely superstition. Instead, look at what you did on your account and try to change it up. The only proven way to reduce bans is to continuously use trial and error on your botting practices.
  3. As said above, this is a very good profit/hour. You should mostly be expecting a maximum of 1% return on your stack per hour.
  4. I understand your frustration, but once again, this is not the thread for mlm. He does care about his scripts; however, at the moment he is extremely busy with a secret project. Knowing Taco, he hasn't been ignoring you, but rather is trying to find a lasting solution to this problem and any future problems.
  5. This is not the mlm thread. Please stay on topic. Taco is a busy man, just be patient.
  6. It has been said multiple times that an update of that magnitude will not be released until v2 of the script.
  7. It was not like this. I wasn't touched by that wave along with most users. This wave wiped out some people 100%
  8. Sorry for your loss. It has definitely been a while since we've had this big of a ban wave. I lost 80% of my farm
  9. and I'm sure some random from the internet is going to change his ways by saying this
  10. You need to provide more information. Nobody really experiences this problem like you are. How have you set up your GUI? Also, what is the bot/client debug saying?
  11. Just click the "?" Located at the top right corner of the GUI, it will give you an explanation of how the option works.
  12. Unfortunately this is something that you need to compile yourself.
  13. When you have the GUI open, there is a setting called "Flip Items" under General Options. It is advised to have the box not checked off. Having it setup like so will allow the bot to buy and sell an item at the same time.
  14. There really is no "best thing to merch". You need to find high profiting items that will fit well with your 7m stack. Utilize trial and error. Remove the poorly performing items and switch them with items that will profit higher per hour. If you look at my post above, you will see a gif that you can use for insanely easy setup of the script.
  15. That option only works for buying/selling one of each item to price check. Unfortunately it does not work with this version, as it would cause mass item crashes.
  16. Setup your item list following the steps of this gif. Remember to put in your Buy Limit, otherwise it will be -1 and not work.
  17. Not really. Anyone can use this script and profit well.
  18. As with any premium script with Tribot, you can run one instance of one premium script. So yes, you can run this script without vip, but you can only run one account.
  19. Unfortunately It got pushed back until possibly this fall. He is indeed still planning on making Tau GE V2. not within the next few weeks, read above post. Yes, it will be extremely feature rich.
  20. With the proxies I use, my accounts get locked once usually during or right after tutorial island (doesn't matter, botting or by hand). I register an email with my accounts and just manually unlock them. Once unlocked, the account is good to bot on. I've noticed that only f2p accounts get locked and once the account is p2p the locks cease. It definitely is proxy related, but I wouldn't go as far as saying the proxy is flagged (I've come to this conclusion because I've had accounts last for months on these proxies).
  21. No. Just no. Organic food is extremely expensive and is not a sustainable way to produce food. Also, organic growers still use pesticides on organic produce. They can use organically derived chemicals (some of which are even more dangerous than synthetic pesticides). There are a lot of regulations around the use of pesticides on crops and on top of that there's food inspections that make sure producers are following the rules. If producers get caught selling food that is above tell allowed residue limits they can get in huge trouble and not get paid for what they grew. Moral of the story: organic is a complete scam, but if you want to spend $40 for some berries...then go ahead and waste your money. I'll stick to conventionally grown food that is produced in a cheaper and more sustainable manner.
  22. Make sure you're cooking your meat to the proper temperature. Also, any fresh fruits and vegetables that have been processed (pre-sliced, etc) have a higher chance of becoming contaminated with bacteria.
  23. If your bots are misclick in on report, then right click on the red report button and toggle right click report off. Any script used to train up the account could have caused these bans. Sometimes you get unlucky and get banned. Nothing you can do at that point. No script is ban free these days.