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  1. Running into a problem when another player hops and crashes the spot. The bot will take damage from the other players blasts. It then heads to the bank and proceeds to spam eat food. Here's the client debug printout: Edit: hastebin link didn't work. Trying to find the debug again
  2. This. Bot usually runs into this problem at the rat pit during the ranged part. It won't click continue and ends up getting stuck later at the poll booth.
  3. I have a small suggestion for the account preparation part of the script. Once it finishes the giant dwarf cut scene the bot will start walking to the blast furnace. Once the cut scene is over you can just use the minigame tele, thus cutting out the walking part.
  4. Tribot activity should increase once the current university/college semester ends. Tribot is entering a new paradigm by the sounds of it (new script pricing model and much more to come in the form of client updates); so once that happens, we'll probably start seeing more high quality free scripts, as well as premium scripts.
  5. I think this is a good change and will indeed make the business model more healthy and sustainable. Years ago I bought Sigma merch (street flipper that posted offers on zybez) unlimited lifetime for $100. Sigma merch was converted over to Tau GE and all purchases carried over. I've clearly made back much more than I've spent (just look at my sig, which isn't fully accurate since I toggled off profit tracking ages ago). My only additional costs were VIP-E. The OSRS team is constantly expanding and just recently they revealed that they hired another anti-cheating specialist. OSRS is stepping up their game, and so should TRiBot, which requires more funding to hire devs and support as TRiLeZ mentioned. I'm looking forward to the future of TRiBot with this change.
  6. We need more people with zulrah bot proggies to post. Thanks.
  7. Follow these steps: 1. Open the GE script GUI. 2. On the bar located at the top left, click tools, then click "reset item data" 3. Click Yes when the "are you sure?" notification pops up. 4. Wait until the items are finished resetting (this may take some time ~5 mins) 5. Restart your script, and the items should be there!
  8. Hey all, Just wanted to let you all know that I'm not dead. I've been a fair bit inactive over the last few months (life gets busy sometimes). That being said, I've been much more active with botting lately. I apologize for my absence.
  9. I'm pretty sure that ge-tracker uses rsbuddy's api (same as most other ge tracking websites).
  10. Just a heads up for everyone, rsbuddy exchange is having problems right now. This means that the script will just sit and idle until the data is available again. Not a script issue.
  11. As @Butta just said, nobody in the support team, nor does Taco have the permissions needed to extend the script. This is now in the hands of TRiLeZ. Please be patient.
  12. Script works fine for me. The next time you are experiencing a bug, at least take a screenshot. Sometimes weird things happen when rs updates. This sounds like it was something on rsbuddy's end, either way, it's all working 100% now.
  13. Such a great time. I'll definitely be going back again!
  14. You may have incorrectly setup the script argument. Feel free to pm me on tribot or join the discord Tau Script Support chat, https://discord.gg/0XrkvKmuwnOqZisN
  15. Update on idling bug: Taco has responded and said he will have a fix for the bug either today, and if not today, tomorrow. Taco or I will post once the update is uploaded.
  16. Yes, the script will automatically determine prices based off of the data supplied by rsbuddy exchange. Side note to all users: There currently seems to be a bug with the script since last Thursday's update. I've been experiencing bots idling indefinitely unless I manually open the GE. I've passed along some information to @TacoManStan. Currently waiting on a response.
  17. The script arguments are quite outdated atm. It still gives an option for general settings profiles (which is no longer a feature of the script). This leads the script to use the default general settings when started with an argument.
  18. Join the Tau Script Support discord channel and we can help you more in depth. Here's a free invite: https://discord.gg/0XrkvKmuwnOqZisN
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