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  1. Weath and any other J mod will always say 3rd party clients are detectable. It's a tactic that injects fear and uncertainty into some botters.
  2. This is just something that we have to deal with. It's just how the script currently works. It doesn't do it all of the time and it's not a script debilitating bug.
  3. Some aspects of this script take time to learn. Don't expect to have an insanely good profiting list if you have just started using it.
  4. What kind of items are you using? Are they showing up as "inactive" on rsbuddy exchange?
  5. The manual price checking is currently not working and hasn't for a long time. You need to keep it set to "AUTO".
  6. You can generate a report with all of the data if you open the script paint (while the script is running) and click "options" (located at top left corner). You will see an option called "Generate Report", simply click this and follow where it saved the data to.
  7. Sometimes the script will hold onto items if it detects a small drop in price. It will eventually put in the offer.
  8. The idling time is an anti-ban feature and possibly why this script has such a low ban rate. If you go to your general option in the GUI, make sure "flip items" is not checked off. When it is not checked off it will both buy and sell items.
  9. You can get a little blurb of information if you click on the "?" (located at the top right corner of the GUI) and hover over the setting you're unsure about.
  10. Script start is only to be used if you are using any custom settings. AI start just starts everything with the AI setting.
  11. The AI doesn't buy or sell things for the exact price on rsbuddy either. It looks at the bigger picture and will adjust accordingly to any increases or decreases in the price of the item.
  12. Prices are gathered using the data from rsbuddy exchange. Manual margin checking is disabled in an effort to keep the market stable.
  13. That would be unnecessary. I do not help users build lists. I will offer some tips though. Click on "Show Details" (located at top right corner on the paint) and go through your items. Take off the ones that are profiting poorly and replace with different items (repeat this process until you have a list of good items). Aim for a list of about 15 or so items and make sure your ge limits are correct.
  14. That just means you need to keep editing and tweaking your item list(s). Let the script run for 15 hours+ to get a good idea of what the list makes as it evens out with time.
  15. Sounds like you're using items that are inactive in terms of rsbuddy data. That would explain the extremely high selling price. Here's an example: You would expect both buy and sell prices to be extremely skewed, since both buy and sell prices are inactive.
  16. Thanks! Hopefully this problem won't be a regular occurrence.
  17. Nice profits. With a bit of regular maintenance you should be able to pull in those amounts regularly. Thanks for sharing those proggies!
  18. At the moment those price checking/price settings features are not available. You can flip any item that does not have "inactive" as its current buy/sell price. It is also important to note that some items will have times during the day where they're inactive and times when they're active. What does your client debug show? Is it continuously saying "Logging in..." rather than "Reloading x item"?
  19. Sorry for your loss. This feature has always been buggy and is definitely not recommended to use. Likely your bots ended up running somewhere and died (possibly to dark wizards south of varrock). As @leoshiro recommended, shut that option off. Glad you're enjoying the script!
  20. Rsbuddy exchange was down for about an hour and a bit. Looks like it's back up now. Script should be working fine again.
  21. ^ This. This is purely superstition. Instead, look at what you did on your account and try to change it up. The only proven way to reduce bans is to continuously use trial and error on your botting practices.
  22. As said above, this is a very good profit/hour. You should mostly be expecting a maximum of 1% return on your stack per hour.