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  1. Issue has been solved via discord Tau Script Support channel.
  2. @HeyImJamie Need more updates
  3. It's recommended to only use one account per client. Some scripts are written in a way that they become buggy if used on multiple tabs on the same client.
  4. Yes, it sometimes happens to me. I usually take that item off of my list. There may have been a price spike or drop that caused the bot to hold the said item.
  5. Working for me. Try deleting your hooks.dat file in your .tribot>settings folder. This only needs to be done after an in-game update and should solve your problem (delete twice if deleting it once doesn't work). Hopefully that sorts out your issue.
  6. Not if you have a static IP. Your best bet is to just call your ISP.
  7. You're thinking of investing in items that have a good chance of going up in price over x period of time. This script flips items for current profit gaps.
  8. Well put. We always need to adapt if we want to remain successful with botting.
  9. Don't worry about it! I completely understand. You weren't be confrontational or argumentative. You were just stating your concerns.
  10. For the bot to idle endlessly, it most likely was caused by a lag spike and the script losing track as to what it is doing. It is extremely important to know the reasoning behind why the script hasn't been receiving updates. Right now, the script runs stable (you can run it from Thursday-Thursday with no problems (other than the few minor hiccups that you've noticed while babysitting). This is of course expected, as no script is perfect. Now, if Taco decides to update the script to add your suggestions, he may be creating many unintended bugs in the script, which could completely hinder it. Although V2 is still a ways away, the script is still functional and can profit very well. Unfortunately Jagex has stepped their game up lately with banning merchers. This is expected, because those who use this script know that you could run accounts 24/7 for prolonged periods of time. There was recently a private merch script made that would undercut ge offers, effectively demolishing many margins. It was only a matter of time.
  11. Weath and any other J mod will always say 3rd party clients are detectable. It's a tactic that injects fear and uncertainty into some botters.
  12. This is just something that we have to deal with. It's just how the script currently works. It doesn't do it all of the time and it's not a script debilitating bug.
  13. Some aspects of this script take time to learn. Don't expect to have an insanely good profiting list if you have just started using it.
  14. What kind of items are you using? Are they showing up as "inactive" on rsbuddy exchange?