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  1. Boston

    Auto Favour Pro Development

    This, I would buy the script w/o arceuus library. But you can also use Runelite's book tracker to find the books, jsyk in the future.
  2. This looks very very nice, I'm definitely going to try it out!
  3. Woah dude chill, I personally have maxed multiple accounts with this and no bans yet.
  4. I have tried that and it still causes the FPS to spike. I don't know what it is..
  5. Recently this script has been causing the FPS of OSbuddy to drop from 50 to like 5-15 until I stop the script. Is there a memory leak somewhere in the most recent update? Or has OSRS changed and caused this somehow? I've used this script for ages and have had absolutely no problems at all.
  6. Boston

    EzHellratCatcher [Open Source]

    You sir are a god. Thank you so much for this.
  7. Boston

    Tribot refund

    I hope tonight, your bed is filled with voluptuous women.
  8. Boston

    Tribot refund

    kill yourself.
  9. Well what's the processor number? But, you can turn off a lot of junk on Windows 10 and make it run just as good if not better than Windows 7.
  10. @Tri the cannon reloading is being finnicky once again just to let you know. Also sometimes when I use reload a script that I've made, it won't spec with my spec weapon. Also if you were to plan on making the Gem Bag work, you should also do the herb sack. Would both be very useful imo.
  11. Yeah, it teleports you right to mudskipper points. I use house tabs to goto my house then the glory on the wall to edge and use the fairy ring there. I believe the code is A-I-Q.