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  1. @Tri the cannon reloading is being finnicky once again just to let you know. Also sometimes when I use reload a script that I've made, it won't spec with my spec weapon. Also if you were to plan on making the Gem Bag work, you should also do the herb sack. Would both be very useful imo.
  2. Yeah, it teleports you right to mudskipper points. I use house tabs to goto my house then the glory on the wall to edge and use the fairy ring there. I believe the code is A-I-Q.
  3. Do you plan on adding support for fairy rings?
  4. OSBuddy's feature for it works just fine?
  5. I would also enjoy this if added. But also, is there anyway you could add support for a gem bag? And also maybe SGS healing capabilities, by this i mean it won't eat if you have spec and are using an SGS? I know it's a long shot but I thought I would ask. But thanks for the absolutely phenomenal script and great support.
  6. Hey Tri, Just noticed today that it's not longer restocking my cannnon with cballs after the latest RS update. Is this due to a client bug and is there an eta on a fix?
  7. Ahh okay I assumed it was something like that, guess I'll just have to stick with it using it for the whole fight.
  8. Hey @erickho123, Great script man, I just started using it again and I am wondering if the mouse keys option is only available for pouch filling. I notice that in the thread it only says pouch filling but it would increase efficiency if it would also use it for pouch emptying. Is it possible to make an option in the future that will use it for emptying as well?
  9. not sure why, but the flicker never works properly for me. It just keeps it on the whole fight, does LG have any effect on it?
  10. Is the flicker feature suppose to turn on and off between my attacks? Because if so it hasn't been working properly since I purchased the script.
  11. I know this is asking a lot, but would you be able to have it drink one absorption dose before it rock cakes down? It would be more beneficial for me and many others because when training range with Overloads it's be a waste of our NMZ points and inventory space thus leading to xp losses. Also when it drinks an absorption potion rock cakes don't effect in anyway, it only has a change on the players actual hitpoints. So you can look at it as a safeguard to dying before it even starts. @erickho123
  12. Hey @erickho123, I used your script for 99 Strength, and now I am trying to use it for 99 range. I saw that you said you can use the Guthans AFK method for ranging, but I was wondering how I get the bot to drink the super ranging potions. I want it to rock cake to 51 hp then use an overload so it's at 1 hp for the max hit to be 1. Is there anyway to train range with this bot and get it to drink the ranging pots? EDIT: It started drinking it after I took out the overloads, but now it doesn't rock cake to 1 hp fast enough before they spawn and kill me lol
  13. Hey man, when I try to use this script for NPC Chat options it always selects the first options, even though in my script I have it as selecting the third options. Is there something I am doing incorrectly? I'm trying to make a silk seller and instead of hitting 120 coins it hits 20 coins. @Assume
  14. Very good looking signatures, will most likely buy in the near future.
  15. Hey guys I usually use OSBuddy for LG but recently discovered a new client that a like much more called Konduit, however it doesn't hook into LG for me and I was wondering if there were any plans to make it compatible with LG.