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  1. Is it better to use full void with bp/trident or use ahrims/karils? My cb stats are all 99.
  2. After today's update, script works for a little bit while hunting chins, then it reload and stops setting boxes.
  3. If you're able to stop the spam clicking of the gangplank on the veteran boat, this script would be perfect! It works fine on intermediate boat.
  4. I'm using the abyss to craft laws until 91, and then i'll be using the same method to craft nats. Equipped glory tele to edge, and it's currently running flawlessly. If you're able to add the option to tele to burthrope to charge glories, house tab to mounted glory back to edge, this script would beat all others without a doubt. Just sayin'
  5. Yohojo should be the only person you are buying credits from, quick transaction and was very helpful throughout!
  6. Will be purchasing this script within the next 10 minutes, I will post a proggie tomorrow morning if there are no errors.
  7. Bot works pretty well but I have noticed two issues: 1. The idle time when it gets to an altar (especially nature) is a little too long. 2. When getting to the mining rocks within abyss, it spam clicks on the monsters instead. Otherwise, this is an awesome script!
  8. To those who wish to know: This script does currently still work as I have found the best setup to use: - Personal Altar - Use Runes to Teleport - Use Fally Portal back. Few hiccups here and there as it misclicks the portal room from time to time. But I've had it running for 2 hours now with little errors.
  9. Is this bot going to have an option for personal altar? Just blew through 1-75 construction for my altar.
  10. 2nd one, by far the best choice.
  11. Few suggestions and an error within the script: If the person trading is unable to do nmz because of quest issues, money not in coffer, etc., is there a way to code it in for the bot to wait like 10 seconds for them to add money in coffer or trade back the gp for someone who doesn't have quest requirements? This is to avoid being reported and muted/banned. Also, when trying to bank for overloads, it goes down to the overloads in my bank, but it doesn't withdraw them, it only logs out and a message on the bottom righthand corner of my screen pops up and says "Unable to find overload potion". Otherwise this is an amazing script!
  12. I don't think it has, he hasn't responded in about a week.
  13. I'm in the fishing guild and I'm trying to fish shark, however, even with raw shark in the inventory and the "Fish shark?" option checked, it still decides to fish tuna/swordfish. I've also tried this in Catherby and it's giving me the same problem...
  14. [17:29:44] Script Started: Yawhide's BDK.[17:29:52] Your bank does not have the item with ids: [[email protected][17:29:52] Your bank does not have the item with ids: [[email protected][17:29:52] Script Ended: Yawhide's BDK. But I have range pot (3) and prayer pot (3) too, any idea what this could be?
  15. IDs were changed and it just sits there, update please! And let me know if you need the IDs