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  1. Was able to get that fixed but seems it doesnt support walking around and continuing combat while cannon is active and only stands there and reloads/fires cannon, which is pointless at crabs.
  2. Stuck at "handling cannon", doesn't seem that this feature works correctly.
  3. Anyone else been banned while using this script?
  4. Doesn't even attempt to click the ogres.
  5. Hope it gets updated. Needs to work with the new "Use all" feature.
  6. Ah, Alright. I was extremely confused because I had never seen it before. Very smart, it carried on an entire conversation.
  7. Anyone else notice that this script will talk to other players?....
  8. Doesn't do anything for me, just right clicks random items in the bank and hits cancel. Running in lite mode and raw/cooked are visible.
  9. I have been added and trolled several times by the guests on this board, therefore if you are a legitimate buyer then you will need to PM me your skype username after you add me before I will discuss any sales with you. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have been hoarding some virtual servers from a company for a while now and I have finally decided to get rid of them. Let me give you some information about the plans. RAM: 3GB Dedicated/6GB Burst (Total of 6GB memory). Disk Space:50GB 750GB Monthly Bandwidth It also has 4 CPU Cores. I haven't ran TriBot on these yet but I have ran other bot software and it perform adequately. The servers are located in Dallas,TX (which gives good latency to my area, so it depends on where you are located). I have 3 of these for sale right now and I have recently renewed them all for 12 months (one year). You will be asked to register an account with the company (which is free), I will pay the service move charge to so that service can be moved to YOUR account with them. You are not required to pay me any RSGP until the information has been given to you and the plans have been moved to the account you created. When the service is moved to your account you will have full control over it, I will not. You will also be able to contact their support for any issues with the service that find, so you are not required to wait on my to respond on skype, you can simply contact the company directly. I am asking 10M rsgp for each VPS due to the fact they are all paid up annually (I am only asking 10M because they ran a promotional which allowed me to renew my plans for a really low price). Contact me on Skype: weew2191 If I do not accept your request within 5 minutes then please PM me on here with your skype username, please do give me some time though because I am not always around my PC. Edit: It looks like my VIP expired too, time to renew Edit: I recommend you have basic knowledge of Linux and setting up any VNC or RDP software on a Linux based machine (I used CentOS since it's pretty user-friendly). I will install any bot software for you for an additional 1M RSGP.
  11. Please fix the download.
  12. Works for me, wouldn't hurt to increase the mouse speed a tiny bit though