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  1. JoeDezzy1

    Filter class deprecated

    Yes as wasted and icecontrol said. You may also see null pointers in your filters due to your usage of RSObject#getDefinition() RSObject[] find (int distance, String name) { return Objects.find(distance, (obj) -> { final RSObjectDefinition def = obj.getDefinition(); if (def == null) //Definition can return null return false; final String name = def.getName(); //Name can return null return name != null && name.equals(name); }); }
  2. JoeDezzy1

    Tribot on Mac

    https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html First link on google, "Java JDK 8"
  3. JoeDezzy1

    Tribot on Mac

  4. JoeDezzy1

    Am I high

    You're high on life! Keep it up
  5. JoeDezzy1

    I was hacked. Any ideas?

    People use brute force and ip switching with learning/predictive algorithms combined with database leaks. The unfortunate and only thing you can do to prevent this is: A) Not use the same password twice Use a complex password i.e) $,;^5%i2z
  6. JoeDezzy1

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Having the optional ability to configure it and or simply having it disabled by default I believe would be best
  7. JoeDezzy1

    VPS - failed to recv data from socket

    If this is over VNC, then i'd suggest removing TightVNC if thats what you have, or removing tigervnc if thats what you have, and checkout vnc4server. Never failed me. Below is how to remove tightvncserver and install vnc4server. You can do this over SSH only, VNC will kill out as you're uninstalling it. PS: dont need sudo if you're on as root 1. Removing tightvnc server: sudo updatedb sudo apt-get remove tightvnc* sudo apt-get purge tightvnc* sudo apt-get autoremove sudo reboot 2. After boot: sudo apt-get install vnc4sever 3. To start the server: vncserver 4. To kill the vnc server: vncserver -kill :1 Message me if you want extra help
  8. JoeDezzy1

    USA Green Dragon Killer [500k+/hr]

    This script is actually pretty amazing
  9. Sounds reasonable.
  10. Hey :) Would appreciate if you would check your Orb script thread and see my error there :) Paid for the script and wondering why it doesn't work :P 

    1. JoeDezzy1


      Going to make it free soon as well as fix the small issues within it, I'll refund you and let you know once I do that :)

    2. JonttiMies


      Cheers buddy! 

  11. JoeDezzy1

    Increase radius of FindNearest

    FALSkills is correct You can make the radius smaller through a filter like so RSNPC[] find(String name, int radius) { return NPCs.findNearest((npc) -> name.equals(npc.getName()) && Player.getPosition().distanceTo(npc) <= radius); }
  12. JoeDezzy1

    FC Questing | 15 Quests | GE Support | ABC2 | Open Source

    @Final Calibur You are a god!!! Many thanks
  13. JoeDezzy1

    Bot keeps openning on full screen mode

    I noticed this too, I think it is how OSRS is loading now by default
  14. JoeDezzy1

    TRiBot Release 10.5_0

    Coming soon