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  1. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange Buying Limits Parser

    /** * @author JoeDezzy1 */ public class ItemCaps { /** * The HTML item regex identifier */ private static final String HTML_ITEM_REGEX = "<td><a href=\"/wiki/Exchange:"; /** * The URL for parsing item caps */ private static final String ITEM_CAP_URL = "http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculator:Grand_Exchange_buying_limits"; /** * The map of item caps */ private static final Map<String, Integer> itemCaps = new HashMap<>(); /** * Run it * * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(getItemCaps()); } /** * Get the buy cap for an item * * @param name * - the name of the item to get the buy cap for * * @return the buy cap or -1 of the item caps has not been intitialized or the * item is not in the map */ public static int getBuyCap(final String name) { return itemCaps != null ? itemCaps.getOrDefault(name, -1).intValue() : -1; } /** * Get the contents of a URL * * @param url * - the url to get the contents of * * @return the contents of the URL */ public static String getContents(String url) { try { final URL website = new URL(url); final BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(website.openStream())); String contents = ""; String inputLine; while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null) { contents += inputLine + "\n"; } in.close(); return contents; } catch (final Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } /** * Initializes the item caps. Sends an HTML GET request * * @return true if the list was filled successfully */ public static Map<String, Integer> getItemCaps() { final String contents = getContents(ITEM_CAP_URL); if (contents != null) { final Map<String, Integer> itemCaps = new HashMap<>(); final String[] lines = contents.split("\n"); for (int x = 0; x < lines.length; x++) { if (lines[x].contains(HTML_ITEM_REGEX)) { String item = lines[x]; item = item.replaceAll(HTML_ITEM_REGEX, ""); item = item.substring(0, item.indexOf('\"')); item = item.replaceAll("_", " ").replaceAll("%27", "'"); String amt = lines[++x]; amt = amt.replaceAll("<td>", ""); amt = amt.replaceAll("</td>", ""); amt = amt.replaceAll(",", ""); itemCaps.put(item, new Integer(Integer.parseInt(amt))); System.out.println(item + "=" + itemCaps.get(item)); } } return itemCaps; } return null; } }
  2. Alright guys, after some test runs the script works fully functional. If anyone is having issues please delete the hooks.dat file in your tribot settings directory. "C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/.tribot/settings/hooks.dat" I am going to upload the latest version I have locally, it includes some upgraded anti-pattern/antiban ALSO The script is going to be seeing a huge upgrade, with grand exchange functionality and possibly automated muling! Cheers
  3. JoeDezzy1

    System idle process?

    yeah i learned about it at my university actually, exactly what @Tri said, it runs when the computer has nothing else to do. The code is while (true) { } Its there because the processor needs to be doing something at all times for maximum efficiency of your computer
  4. The only thing that has broken on this was the CLI launcher which was stable for 2 years and was fixed within 2 days. I offer full support for this product for the lifetime of tribot
  5. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    Grand Exchange interface IDs have updated! Fix will be uploaded momentarily, you may be compensated for the downtime!
  6. My apologies, the script will be fixed momentarily, You may be compensated for the downtime. Cheers!
  7. JoeDezzy1

    Things to know in Java to make scripts?

    Here are some pointers for you Modifiers - public, private, static, final [public static void main()] Return types - void, String, boolean [public static boolean isCopping()] Data types - String, boolean, long, int, byte, char Arrays - String[], boolean[], long[], byte[], int[], char[] Loops - for (int x = 0; x < 5; x++) loop();, while (looping) loop(); Operators - +, -, *, +=, ++, ==, != Logic - if ( isCopping() ) doThis() else doThat(); Tribot API: Clicking.click(option, entity); Objects.find(distance, names or ids) NPCs.find(names or ids) Etc.... Good luck @Emperor Zurg
  8. Please message me for my Discord. I believe this is due to the hooks.dat bug, however we can address it personally to sort out any issues you two have
  9. JoeDezzy1

    How to ReAggro?

  10. JoeDezzy1

    How to ReAggro?

    dumbass puss
  11. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    Just accepted your request
  12. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    Yes. I will message you my discord and we can get it addressed
  13. JoeDezzy1

    Stack over flow

    This will cause you a stack overflow error public String blowUpMyShit(String with) { return blowUpMyShit(with) + this.getClass().getName(); } It has to do with the stack overflowing. In this example, it will constantly call the same method and never leave until the system can not handle it anymore. I.E) blow up my shit with this string