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  1. Definitely possible, we will see how this new script works out for you guys first!
  2. Should have a new beta version up tonight for you guys! Need some live testers if anyone wants to help, PM With your skype @nebscape @timschouten @kevinbaker8888 @neek3ri @godx1 @shadowisle
  3. Its kind of big, why not put it in the objects api?
  4. You'd have to make your own client. Should be easy, most private servers won't be obfuscated
  5. Keep fighting @TRiLeZ , as a young college student myself, I can understand things like this which are all alongside the stress of real life. I hope the community can see this as well, because personally I think Its amazing how such little amount of active people can keep this website up and running so well with all the other things that go on in a mans life. Trilez probably gets pussy too, because from the looks of this site he is a boss, so anyone to anyone in the community, I hope you can all understand and appreciate that we are back up and running to full capacity. -JoeDezzy
  6. Hey guys, new version is ready however I want some testers to make sure its perfect for you guys! can anyone PM me their skype names to help test so I can release one of the best orb crafting bots you guys have ever encountered?! -JoeDezzy1 @reanox @diego @slavebotter @alejoro1 Any testers will for sure be compensated for their efforts. Need about 2 or 3 Also, if you guys want to maximize the Antiban's reliability, I would appreciate some user submitted reaction times for the following The delay between withdrawing and depositing items from the bank The delay before starting a new path walk The delay it takes to realize an inventory has been completed in order to teleport to the bank The delay it takes to cast a spell to an obelisk The delay it takes to interact with the make all interface when the spell has been casted on the obelisk The delay it takes to realize we need to drink a potion The delay it takes to realize we need to eat food More TBA....
  7. Hey guys, new powerful version coming this weekend. Almost finished! you guys will be happy for the wait! Supporting all food type and much more antiban
  8. It has ABC2 already however I am working on a whole new revamp as we speak. Should be released within the week. Sorry for the delay on responses guys school is really catching up
  9. Your walkbank method should look something like this and nothing more. Your methods should really only do one thing public void walkBank() { if (WebWalking.walkToBank()) { Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return Banking.isInBank(); } }, General.randomSD(8000, 4000)); //Use different times for different actions } }
  10. No not exactly.. In the code below, it will never do an action unless it passes the if statement for that action. That is how you want a script to work. You have yours set up based off of the idea that every time the method executes its going to be successful, which is not the case. In the code below, you do not need all of those while loops that you have, because if the script fails to do the action you want it to do, it will continue until the condition is met. enum STATE { WALK_BANK, TAN_HIDES } public STATE getState() { if (shouldBank()) return STATE.WALK_BANK; return STATE.TAN_HIDES; } @Override public void run() { while (run) { switch (getState()) { case WALK_BANK: walkBank(); break; case TAN_HIDES: tanHides(); break; } sleep(5); } }
  11. This is not going to work properly. You need to have an if statement before executing the methods you have there
  12. I think I know what he is talking about and I have experienced it too. The bot goes to click whatever it is that its clicking, tribots mouse paint makes it look like the click was sent, but it is never sent into the game and the character does nothing
  13. Thanks bud, if the issue of it stopping at the obelisk persists, let me know @NinjadGuy
  14. Anyone experiencing any bugs? Just did about an hour test run with no errors Sorry for the delay on getting back to you all, a lot going on with school and work but I will be monitoring this forum frequently from now on
  15. bro check my pm to you its urgent