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  1. Yes @TRiLeZ @Todd [21:53:44] Error: iw.i() client.ac() br.f() | iw:1148 client:1638 br:408 br:362 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 140820 [21:53:44] error_game_crash [21:53:44] Show document: http://oldschool86.runescape.com/error_game_crash.ws (_self)
  2. JoeDezzy1

    Austins Cooker

  3. JoeDezzy1

    my client interface bugs out (see screenshot)

    Talk to your GPU, he's probably the culprit.
  4. JoeDezzy1

    ABC util not waiting full reaction time

    Pretty sure its built to break occasionally...
  5. JoeDezzy1

    Setting noted within bank

    Exactly what God said
  6. JoeDezzy1

    Tribot out of memory.

    This has actually more recently become an issue for me on centOS only, it has to do with the heap allocation you allow for tribot, but centOS is more restricted than other OS it seems for me
  7. JoeDezzy1

    Tribot won't open on Mac

    Get Java 8
  8. JoeDezzy1

    need help with paint for script

    //the total shit you have since the script started, the previous shit you just had in the inventory //And also, a reference variable for the current shit you have in your inventory at all times so you dont rape your ram for no reason int totalShit = 0, previousShit = 0, currentShit = 0; //global public void paintSomeGoodShit(Graphics g) { currentShit = Inventory.find(someShit).length; if (currentShit != previousShit) { if (currentShit > previousShit) totalShit++; //or do some math to find the difference for the exact increase of shit previousShit = currentShit; } g.drawString("Shit we have: " + totalShit, 69, 69); }
  9. JoeDezzy1

    i keep getting this i tried everything

    @leetz Uninstall the program "RelevantKnowledge" if you have it, known to cause issues with java
  10. JoeDezzy1

    How can I use worldhopper better?

    if (gameWorld == nextGameWorld) Login if logged out else hop (nextGameWorld = generateworld())
  11. Well, considering the script works, and you've found a configuration bug, I will fix that hopefully by later tonight. Although to use no energy or stamina potions is inefficient.
  12. JoeDezzy1

    Am I using RSArea correctly?

    Yes. The contains method of RSTile is for positions, if the position is contained in that area. You can do: RSArea(lowerCorner, UpperCorner) or vise versa RSArea(tile, radius) - X-radius tiles (square) around the given tile or, the more exact... RSArea(RSTile[] polygon) - the tiles which construct a polygon for an area to be formed around
  13. It runs well, I had many 5 hour plus progress reports from a week or so ago, but i just recently reformatted my hard drive. I will see if I can find them @kyle1471
  14. JoeDezzy1

    Hard coding breaks into my scirpt

    @HeyImJamie is right @IDontActuallyLift Before taking a break, make sure that your tasks beforehand have executed succesfully. Here is an actual code example to get you started private long breakStartTime; private int breakCounter; @Override public void onStart() { this.breakStartTime = generateNextBreak(); } @Override public void run() { while (this.operate()) this.sleep(10); } /** * @return the next time we want to take a break from "now" */ public long generateNextBreak() { return (long) (Timing.currentTimeMillis() + General.randomDouble(1.00, 1.5) * 60.0 * 60.0 * 1000.0); } /** * @return true if the current time is greater than our setbreak time */ public boolean shouldBreak() { return Timing.currentTimeMillis() > this.breakStartTime; } /** Operate your bot * @return false to stop the bot completely, otherwise true */ public boolean operate() { /** This is where your break is handled */ if (this.shouldBreak()) { onBreak(); return true; } /** ...whatever else you're doing, return true */ return this.shouldExit(); /** This will stop your bot if it returns false */ } /** * Do your actions here when a break should activate, once they've been confirmed... * Then take your break */ public void onBreak() { /** Assuming we logged out because our actions have ended successfully * (There are better ways to confirm completion, this is just an example) * Then, go ahead and generate the length you wish to break for, and sleep for that long */ if (Login.getLoginState() != STATE.INGAME) { println("Initiating first break"); final long breakTime = General.randomLong(1200000, 2400000); this.setLoginBotState(false); this.sleep(breakTime); /** Take the "break" */ this.breakStartTime = generateNextBreak(); /** MUST, resets the break start time so we do not endlessly end up in this method after the first break has been executed */ breakCounter++; return; } /** * Still logged in? */ if (Banking.isInBank()) { Login.logout(); return; } /** * Not in the bank? */ teleToBank(); } I forgot to turn the loginBotState(true) back after "breakCounter++", so dont forget that