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  1. JoeDezzy1

    TRiBot Release 10.5_0

    Coming soon
  2. JoeDezzy1

    bot request

    Free scripts because you like the Red Sox!
  3. Just purchased a private script from JoeDezzy1, and will be receiving it by friday hopefully it'll turn out great, and buy more from him later down the road!

  4. JoeDezzy1

    tribot not working

    Post the full stack trace in the Bot Debug
  5. If you want the players animation Player.getRSPlayer().getAnimation()
  6. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    ID changes recently, message me for my discord so we can debug it together and get it working exactly how you want it Free compensation for the downtime @reanox
  7. JoeDezzy1

    setLoginBotState(false); doesnt work?

    public class YourScript extends Script implements Starting { @Override public void onStart() { this.setLoginBotState(false); } } if that doesn't work, please message me.
  8. There should be no issues, sorry for the late reply. I am going to push some updates tonight as well! Cheers @Gottaway
  9. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    It will let the offer sit until it completes. Posting an update later on today to fix any bugs with the games most recent update. Will post here when it is ready! Cheers
  10. GREAT private scripter.  Hands down one of the best on tribot.  Made a private script for me and got 99 crafting on my ironman.  Communicates well and always fixes bugs and adds needed changes to the script when needed.  Can't wait until I get another bot from him!

  11. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange API - Help

    This is because the logic in your wait conditions doesn't match the logic you are depending on for your actions to execute. i.e) if (Inventory.find(item).length > 0) waitFor(Inventory.find(item).length == 0);
  12. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange API - Help

    And Yes, I've just pushed an update addressing issues that were previously posted, it is not live yet but it should be soon. Although I give him props for doing it himself, I did so as well a while ago Turned out to be a good thing!
  13. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange API - Help

    Also yes, always null check. Read the API docs if you're unsure what a method can return to see if you need to null check. Most getters in the API should be null checked (After it is stored into a variable), and mostly everything except a few things which return an array, should be bounds checked as array.length > 0 (After it is stored into a variable)
  14. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange API - Help

    To determine if an item is "collectable", I'd say it is a better approach to use the RSGEOffer#getAmountTransferred() and compare it to the amount you posted the offer for. I've noticed things to get way messier when relying on the collection button being visible to determine when to collect items, it makes things harder to track. Also another thing, make your logic less restricted. You're example: If we have no free slot -> if we have nothing to collect -> if we are trying to buy something and there is a sell offer it will cancel it -> if we are trying to sell something it will return true A less restricted approach could be anything, here's a crappy example: public static EXAMPLE_ENUM_STATE getState() { if (forAllOffers_If_AmountTransferred_IsEqualTo_AmountOffered_Or_isEqualTo_AmountTransferredToCollect_Threshold()) { return COLLECTIONS_PENDING; } If (getEmptySlots() > 0) { if (weHave_EnoughItems_ToSell() && weStill_WantToSell()) return SELL_ITEMS; if ( weHave_Not-EnoughItems_WeWant() && weHave_EnoughCoins_ToBuy_whatWeWant()) return BUY_ITEMS; } return NOTHING_TO_DO; }
  15. JoeDezzy1

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    direct message me if you have any other issues! I will see it faster