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  1. Simplify/Generalize this code, and it will most definitely be worth your while. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more from you here at TRiBot!
  2. @Fluffee @YoHoJo @Usa @SparkySin cheers man, apologies on the time-frame. Dispute completed. User has been refunded a total of 300 credits.
  3. Had issues getting on the site for nearly 2 weeks (few days due to site being down, other days due to my machine getting destroyed, re-flashing/reinstalling, etc...) I gave these two the script they asked for on time, gave them the source. They said they were fine to take it from there and change what they needed, as needed. I showed them exactly what they can/can't change. They came back a month or so later, right when I was involved with the above stated, and asked me to fix/change a few different things. Being extremely busy and not able to access the machines with the code on it, I still managed to create a new completely different and better version for them, and sent that source as well (To show that it was almost ready - the day or so after this dispute was raised to my attention). I have since finished exactly what they asked for, and have it at hand to upload to the repository. I've just now been able to get onto this site, and able to post. (My OS doesn't support some of the code that runs on certain sites) So, I apologize on the delay of a response. Also I notified @YoHoJo about what was going on as he raised it to my attention as well. Looks like he didn't relay the information I asked him to, but nevertheless it is not his responsibility. The user said he agreed to cancel the dispute as long as he got the final version. I'm going to wait until I upload it to the repository and send over the final source until a conclusion has been met.
  4. You need to use java.exe "java.exe is the console app while javaw.exe is windows app (console-less). You can't have Console with javaw.exe." https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1997718/difference-between-java-exe-and-javaw-exe
  5. For proxies.ini itll be something like this public void parse() { for (final String line : Files.readAllLines("tribot/settings/proxies.ini")) proxies.add(parse(line)); } private Proxy parse(String prox) { final String[] data = prox.split("\\|\\|"); if (data.length > 0) { final String name = data[0]; final String[] info = data[1].split(":"); if (info.length > 1) { final String ip = info[0]; final String port = info[1]; if (info.length > 2) { final String user = data[2]; final String pass = data[3]; return new Proxy(ip, port, user, pass); } return new Proxy(ip, port); } } }
  6. Don't worry bro sometimes those smoked out ideas manifest into reality
  7. Worthy holds a high end customer base, his script surely is not broken or else you would see way more of these. In your case however, there are many factors on your end which may be the reason you're seeing the results you've explained. 1) Most certainly check the proxies you are using, or VPN, make sure their connections are consistent, secure, and fast enough to support what you are trying to do. 2) Increase the normal MB allocated in TRiBots heap space from 256 mb to anything >= 512 MB. 3) Set your client settings paint delay to "0", for example, so tribot is displaying the game real time. 4) Make sure your machine can handle what you're trying to do. (Get rid of bloatware) Last but most important, make sure your settings in tribot look something close to this, and definitely uncheck "Use Hook Storage" & also make sure "Lite mode" is checked.
  8. JoeDezzy1

    Tribot Mac setup

    JDK 8 x86, you need a 32 bit jvm for the rs client running and a tribot in order to use looking glass
  9. Welcome to the magical world of a VM
  10. Calling something like RSItem#hover will handle hovering for you. You can get all points of an entity as well, and use all of those to get a hover point over it, or you can use your own algorithm to generate a point that is near it. You can generate your own mouse paths if you wish for clicking and hovering. Also you shouldn't need to use threads to hover/click, and should just stay in the main script thread, which is executed when your script starts. If you want to speak more, and learn a bit more of concurrency I'd be glad to help, just message me for my Discord.
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