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  1. if (item.length > 0) implies there is an item Any api method that returns an array, if its length is > 0, it implies that there is atleast 1 item in that array.
  2. Ah, didn't see that. I will refund you until I update
  3. You never bought this, & I've refunded any users who have in the past 2 months
  4. Please use the development release while fixes are waiting to be pushed to the main release of tribot. We're pending a few things for review to be resolved as soon as possible.
  5. JoeDezzy1

    Bot learning

    he's correct. You might be referring to the background antiban threads running, & the human mouse.
  6. JoeDezzy1

    Linux GUI

    try this, and select the proper java version, followed by restarting the machine. Otherwise, it could be the VNC version you may be using that is producing graphics. So post the specs of the machine. Also, this is how you can install the proper java version. Do this before selecting it as the version to use by the machine in the step above. @NowForPure
  7. JoeDezzy1

    Linux GUI

    Download oracle JDK 8, message me if you need help. Its available through apt-get
  8. Good call, I will update it to use dax's new web walking api key. Feel free to pull request the source on github as well. Message me for further assistance!
  9. Just ran this script on an old main, no bans, no bugs, shit was awesome
  10. Former Premium Script - Now Free & Open Sourced Click This Text For Github Source Code Click This Text For Repository Activation Link Click This Text For The Scripts Forum Thread Thank you all for your support thus far, enjoy the rest of holidays and, happy new years!
  11. Pending my former premium script's [AIO Air Orb Crafter] thread being moved to the free scripts section, Here is the source code: https://github.com/JoeDezzy1/TRiBot-Scripting/tree/master/orbcrafter I will add the link to the thread and update the thread once it has been moved. Thank you all for your support thus far
  12. Script is now free. This thread will soon be moved to the free scripts section. I will push the updated version so it works for the public and post here when done. I am also going to refund anyone who's purchased this script within the past 1-2 months. If you have any questions about refunds, please message me here, through tribot.
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