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  1. cosmic bot bugging with hight lvl shortcut:( it stand near to low lvl shortcut and do nothing like 2h..
  2. Awesome script, but not 100% flawless. Random events like old man are a pain in the ass, when the old man (or whatever who can teleport you off the course) appears just before you are crossing an obstacle. the bot just tries to talk to the random event npc from the other side of the obstacle, but it's not doing anything. after about 1minute the npc will teleport the bot to another location, and I have found my account standing in wizard's tower etc a few times if this could be fixed (lumby home teleporting when the bot is in unfamiliar area etc.) the bot would be the best I could ever think of. Anyway, this bot has got me 50-90 agility so far, so it is definetly an awesome script, best seen by me so far. Hope this helps
  3. Bought it and it cant use mounted glory always bug over there it see where is glory but wont tele :/
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