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  1. Botting 2 bots on my home ip. Not banned for 2 weeks. Private script tho.
  2. Ordered VPS yesterday. Been over 30hrs. Still nothing in my email. Tried to contact live chat-nothing. Emailed service- nothing. What's going on? Proof: Wrote them when service was online. 4 minutes later - offline ...
  3. How many would you like to buy: 10 Skype: ghasssu Do you agree to the ToS: yes
  4. Didn't work for me. I see instances in bot panel and can't remove them. Same error after deleting folder. https://gyazo.com/ba93ace1471f24ebf2471aadfffca646
  5. Hmm. What should I do? https://gyazo.com/08c15345e5a8ee503eae4d37cfc3c0e5
  6. Bought VPS. Very positive and good service.
  7. Relax dude lol Edit: Anyway it is updated already.
  8. Runescape updated, wait for tribot client update.
  9. Thousands of accounts per day yeah.
  10. I have almost 3 hour run time at the moment. Everything works flawlessly for me.
  11. Almost 40h straight botted, no ban, idk.
  12. Because this is sick :