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  1. hi guys, just having a prob with the client as titled, it closes randomly for no reason, i run 3-4 bots on the client at once and after awhile ill come back to check the pc and the client is closed, ive also watched the client close itself but not sure why, anyone else having the same problems!? thanks in advance ")
  2. slugana

    cant install

    remove all your java apps you have installed, redownload the newest versions, the restart your pc should work after that
  3. all of that has been done 6 times over but still nothing weirddd
  4. help meeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeee and yes i have java installed.... is their anything else i shoulkd have installed??
  5. hey sammy i had same issue with my laptop on windows 10, did jarfix help you out at all? just wondering?
  6. i will mate, at work atm ill jump on when i get back home,, cant wait to get back into botting.
  7. i cant get the bot to open, i have the latest version of java already not sure if i have the right jdk?
  8. ahh okay so i dont have the JDK, which one do i DL the 64 or x86?
  9. i am pretty sure but ill check again, what is JDK??
  10. so just an update, i DL tribot, i get the tribot loader, i double click it, but nothing comes up. any help?
  11. i ran with java, its tribot loader, but when i click it nothing comes up
  12. hey, so im just starting to get back into osrs, i used to use this bot a couple years back and was always a good one, ive just gone out and brought a new laptop so i can start playing again, its running on windows 10. i have the latest version of java downloaded and installed, but after i DL the tribot, i tried to start it but nothing comes up. any help? btw do i DL tribot and the extract the files using winra?
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