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  1. I am getting this too. I do all the suggested steps, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. If I DC it happens much more often but sometimes itll just happen in the middle of the day for no reason
  2. Do you have an ETA on muling? Will it be with a mule script? Watching this closely
  3. Oh ok, stopped everything and restarted them proper, and it is working now, because i did some shenanigans yesterday switching from mithril to adamant, might have thrown something off kilter
  4. Is there a way to force the mule to log out when not doing anything? It used to log out but now it doesn't, just sits at GE.
  5. Also don't waste your time on ice gloves, its not worth it, and the change in profit/hr is less than 1% per bot, way less. Coal bag is only useful for steel bars as well, if you're doing mith addy or eventually runite you may as well oneclick the account right after you bond it because once you get to adamant you're hitting GE limit even without coal bag. sometimes coal bagged mithril can be better and there are times when steel is amazing but to be honest when you're dealing with enough accounts it's just too much to do 11 hours of motherlode botting before generating revenue
  6. How much effort would be required to import and launch accounts in batches of 100-250 with this? On 5-12 different machines from the same client?
  7. I agree, it is niche. Lately my coal bagged bots have been surviving well beyond runite so they require their own individual buyers to supplement their 4 hour caps on coal (and adamantite at that range). It is financially sound, but handing all of that muling is excessive effort, when my bots hit their 4 hour cap I log into their buyers to get more, and I mule to those buyers as well. At the end of the shift sometimes I will trade all the gold to a "main" mule for that bot cluster but lately I've been leaving the gold on the buyers anyway since theyre proxied. I do this on a small scale because of the effort required, but within a couple days I'm about to go hard. Come to think of it a standalone nMule script that does that type of network muling/buying etc would be a good idea for another premium script as it increases each individual bot's hourly profitability by around 30-40% depending on the bars when they have coal bags, which is a manageable preparation step with currently available scripts. Whatever you decide, keep being awesome Naton, couldn't do it without you! But I do agree I may be the only person in the entire world that would use it, but I could be wrong
  8. I love this, and I've been using the piss out of it. Couple questions about future features though. Would you ever consider adding a section to muling that would allow requesting ore from a mule when 4 hour limit is reached? Thanks
  9. Just do it. Don't be a wantrepreneur and sit on your butt forever. Load up, lose accounts, lose money, and learn. Also for 500 bots you will need staff. Start with 5 at a time until you get yourself a nice low maintenance bot farm. Don't focus on GP/HR, focus on profit/effort. Efficiency.
  10. Hi everyone! So WoW is drying up a little (gold season for the expansion is more or less over) and I was thinking of starting up RuneScape again (gotta pay them bills!) I was just wondering, for users of this script, how many days are you able to bot Zulrah 24/7 before the ban comes on AVERAGE? I like to be able to get $150 out of an account before it gets banned, more or less depending on the start difficulty of the account, combat can easily be botted up for this so it doesn't seem like it'd be too hard. I would most likely use VMWare for each bot and SOCKS5 proxies from VirMach as per usual, as well as that looking glass mode everyone seems to like. I don't mind a little bit of a slow start I still have about 12 million WoW gold to unload to keep me going for a little while. Any and all insight would be GREATLY appreciated, Worthy scripts are usually solid Also Worthy what is your hourly rate for customs? Or do you not do customs?
  11. Haxx91


    Hmm thanks for the input guys =) I'll try using the mule to lower my risk/operating cost , can't hurt to try! Probably make it manually midlevel with some QP just for giggles/paranoia, can't imagine a level 3 with no QP wouldn't raise flags, then again what do I know lol
  12. Haxx91


    Do y'all find it safer to just sell stock off your bots or transfer it all to a mule? I feel like transferring it to a mule would A. Get the mule RMT banned real quick thus losing 100% of stock, and B. Link all your bots together which otherwise would not be linked thus chain ban
  13. I'm not sure what to put as the hostname. Also can jagex detect if all accounts use the same hostname?
  14. Does this have analytics? (like gp/hr for each specific item for the purpose of fine tuning your list)
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