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True Scripts

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  1. Someone bought 17.5 credits from me.
  2. Currently have 18.5 repository credits for 400k each. Add me on skype: miles7191 or message me here to buy.
  3. Still selling
  4. Selling credits 450k each. Message me on Skype at 'miles7191' or pm me here. I am willing to use a trusted middle man or you go first. Current Stock 18.5
  5. Do you want to make more money or xp?
  6. I personally don't do anything that has requirements until the accounts have made back their investment. Good Luck!
  7. Good Luck!
  8. Very Nice, Good Luck on reaching $100 a day!
  9. Good Luck, do you plan on fly fishing the rest?
  10. Very Impressive. Good luck on a smexy 99
  11. Great to see more people scripting, will try this out later
  12. If you increase the paint delay in the settings you may be able to run more although it also causes them to lag a bit more
  13. If its anything like a laptop i had before, you may be able to press a button to lock keyboard and track pad. You may accidentally be pressing it if you don't know its there. Not sure other than that.
  14. I assume you are using wireless, check to see if there is an update for the chipset. If there is not you can buy a cheap adapter if the problem is the chipset. Try connecting it a different way (if it is wired try wireless and vice versa)
  15. Sounds like your memory is bad. Try running memtest on it.