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  1. great fast and smooth trade, will use again!
  2. hi, looking to buy some credits, added you on skype. Thanks!
  3. hi, looking to buy some credits, added you on skype. Thanks!
  4. How do I get into contact with one?
  5. Oh, and its not letting me pay via any method, just ridiculous.
  6. Nope none of those reasons apply. From looking on forums, I am not the only having the problem....
  7. what a fucking joke tribot is, you cant verify my card? even thought its verified by everything else. what do you mean theres nothing you can do?
  8. Im not using any of those other payment methods. I only trust Paypal, as it is tribots problem, thats fine, miss out on another loyal customer
  9. When trying to buy credits...I have verified my paypal card with paypal, and the email related to my paypal/tribot account. Im buying other things online with my Paypal account and same card, so its not the card, why is tribot saying its fraudulent? any help will be great
  10. WIne making is not working atm... please fix
  11. Had no problem 87-98str but now disconnecting every 5 minutes? nothing to do with the internet