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  1. Exactly what the title says. Or what do you think is the best thing to high alch?
  2. Oh and almost 99 fletching using this script
  3. The client does that with the Randoms. It's probably a problem with the Clients Random Solver
  4. Honestly... Zybez is practically the same thing.. It just takes longer.. How does cutting that time in half hurt the game?
  5. zach_eli

    [Free] DevGDK

    I'll have to give this a shot
  6. Honestly the buy per hour or whatever you're talking about.. I think that wasn't apart of the original Grand Exchange they probably implemented that later because I certainly don't remember it that way when it came out
  7. I'm pretty sure EOC was implemented later. Grand Exchange was fine when it was released and there weren't really any problems with it. I've never played EOC, but I did play when GE was first implemented, If I recall... People wanted it because they were sick of spamming and waiting forever to buy things. And since when is sitting on your butt, typing and waiting forever for someone to sell you something considered work? Honestly if there were no changes at all to 07 at the rate it is already going it would probably die. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions I guess
  8. Yeah, everytime I fletch in varrok bank I feel like I'm going to have multiple seizures xD And I don't really like waiting around to buy certain items I need for a quests
  9. Personally I am for GE and I think the Grand Exchange would be beneficial. It may bring in new blood who want to give OSRS a try. Zybez is practically the same thing and either way the price can be manipulated. I don't really see how it could hurt OSRS either. Discuss.
  10. Most definitely the 07 version. It brings back memories and good times.
  11. Personally I train on red deadly spiders and moss giants in the varrok sewers. They're decent to train on.
  12. zach_eli


    Welcome to Tribot though :-) Good to have more people using the forums
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