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  1. Yeah true
  2. Don't double charge me for that
  3. Stuck on waiting for GUI have tried refreshing my permissions and accepting all firewall notifications still nothing <a href="http://gyazo.com/acc4fd360c6b2ec53a5f2f8e81ce3a3b"><img src="http://i.gyazo.com/acc4fd360c6b2ec53a5f2f8e81ce3a3b.png" /></a>
  4. I've been using Looking glass with this script for 5 days now and i see no problem other than the fact it's a 1/10th of a second slower at responding than the normal client. There are no problems with it, also had a 10 hour run doing nats at abyss with no hiccups.
  5. Does this work @Usa ?
  6. @TRiLeZ m8
  7. Jesus christ... it still can't click right click the lobster chat to cook wtf.
  8. Not working anymore.. as soon as the screen comes on for right clicking cook all the mouse goes crazy.
  9. What would you charge for someone that was gold 3 (S4) and still needs 9 more placement matches?
  10. common problem with people that have enabled the new mouse movements, turn it off and it should solve your problem.
  11. making molten glass does give crafting xp... infact it's almost faster than most methods before lvl 50. Each molten glass gives 20 xp.
  12. Hey i'm having trouble running the bot >.> i've got every setting perfect but when i click start script it doesnt continue? the gui is still up and the script won't budge, not sure what im doing wrong.
  13. I've disabled that as i thought it was the root of the problem, but it wasn't. I'll uplaod a video in a bit Edit: for some miraculous reason its fixed itself.