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  1. Having some issues with DH and rockcake after the update. Dies from suiciding on rockcakes about 6-7 minutes in after the first 4 doses of absorbs have been used up. Everything was running flawlessly before.
  2. I have the same problem. I'm assuming it has something to to with a slight lag not stopping the script from realizing it's not the right time to eat the rock cake.
  3. Having an issue with eating rock cakes using overloads. Will eat to 51, pop the OL, and then continue guzzling the rock cake before the OL finishes, causing the character to suicide.
  4. Ban rate at experiments is stupidly high with other scripts. Goodluck with sales + premium approval.
  5. It works everywhere you make a logic setting for.
  6. As a reminder to everyone, wear a ring of life. I had made a new account and forgot to put ROLs on it and died with 8k chins. Oh well lol
  7. skatman

    Brian's AIODecanter [Flawless][Free]

    Isn't it still free to decant in Nardah?
  8. skatman

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    There's been a lot of issues with randoms in the past few days, they're working on something new in terms of handling randoms so sit tight and everything will be in working order soon.
  9. skatman

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    It's not lagging as you said, just using less resources so it appears to be running slow to you.
  10. They've changed the door ID's in stronghold like 3 times in the past 2 weeks. It's really annoying to keep fixing the script, but hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And for anyone wondering, they're not an interactive object, they're one of the "other" objects so keep that in mind if you're trying to get the ID for it.
  11. skatman

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    Spilki, I do believe there's currently an issue with a lot of randoms do the the ID changes. It seems that it couldn't use the portal which makes me think it's ID related.
  12. skatman

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    Oh, that's what I did and I haven't had a problem since.
  13. They've been cracking down hard in the few days leading to the release of RS3. I would expect ban rates to fall once it drops, considering they have a lot of stuff to worry about in terms of rs3.
  14. Just a warning, granite mining has a VERY high ban rate, regardless of what script you use. Honestly you're better off taking the exp hit and mining iron.